Saved a Duo Hip and Back

I like to think I did some good. I saved a duo hip and back that was on the verge of being unsaveable.

Of course, amateur restoration with good ole spray paint lol

I first brought all the pulleys and the frozen chains back to life.

Sanded everything down and did a coat of red(too match my existing gym colors) I still need to sand and paint all the metal fairings.

Reupholstered, and created new pads. The old wood was shot! I swear the main large pad in the middle was over 100lbs it was so water logged!!

Will finish upholstery on the roller pads this weekend!

Cleaned the weight stacked, oiled everything, it’s running like new!

I’ve done 2 workouts on her so far, and my ass has never been so damn sore!!

Included a before picture and where it’s at now… will update when I’m finished

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Looks great! The pads are the easy part. Keep us updated! Would love to find one like that