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Save your Parents, Attn: nephorm

How to preface this… I guess i can’t really. Since I can’t reply or post in the pound, I hope nephorm sees this. (For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the original thread,

A month or so ago Cy Wilson and TC wrote a piece called “Save Your Parents.” It was a good article and you can find it here.

If that isn’t mainstream enough try Body for Life. (Shit! It sold millions of copies, it must be right) It’s not great, but it’s a place to start. And i think we all agree that it’s better than nothing.

I E-Mailed the "Save your Parents article to all of my out of shape friends and family. Hopefully it will wake at least one of them up!

nephorm: Best wishes in your attempt to help your Mom. I purchased a small set of Power Blocks which ranged from 3lb to 21bs. And shipped them off to my Mom. (I don’t suggest making a practice of mailing weight sets - expensive!)

I then spent several hours on the phone talking her through a simple upper body routine. Now if I can just find a way to motivate her to ad the next weight increment…

That plus getting here out walking has greatly improved the outlook of this 72 year old.

Again best wishes, and ALOHA