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Save the Whales Billboard


Holey moley!! haha! P.E.T.A picked on the wrong people. They are going after fat women.


eople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), with its unerring instinct for publicity and controversy, has set up a billboard in Jacksonville Florida. The billboard devises another dimension to the shopworn slogan "Save the Whales."

The billboard reads: "Save the Whales. Loose the Blubber. Go Vegetarian." The caption is next to what can be euphemistically called a "plus sized woman" who is wearing a bikini, but perhaps ought not to

PETA 'Save the Whales' Campaign Shocks and Offends

Jessica Prussia, writing for the Examiner, suggests that the billboard, which in effect compares overweight women to beached whales, is already having a negative effect. Usually PETA targets people who club seals, hunt actual whales, or who, like Michael Vick, has tortured small animals. Overweight women seem to be an oddly inoffensive target for PETA's ire. Not only are overweight people outraged, but so are feminists.

In the case of the latter, the spectacle of two left wing groups going at one another can only be a source of amusement for the rest of us.

PETA claims the vegetarians are "20 to 30 percent leaner" on the average than are people who eat meat. That is a debatable statistic. It is not entirely clear that going vegetarian is a guarantee of losing weight. While obesity has some physiological causes, most doctors and dietitians maintain that a sensible diet, that can include meat, and exercise are still the best ways to lose weight.

In any case, facts, as with most campaigns from PETA, are secondary to the real motivation of the fat woman as whale billboard. What PETA craves more than for everyone to eschew steaks and hamburgers is attention.

Whether the campaign is an attempt to frighten children about happy meals or to show pictures of slightly more attractive women eschewing the wearing of fur (and everything else) PETA is on an eternal quest to get publicity.

It is not just the exploitation of fat women that is off putting about this PETA "save the whales" campaign. One is irritated at the spectacle of a group that lives to tell people what to do and what not to do.



love PETA, they always have very good and controversial marketing.


I don't know, any non-vegan vegetarian I met has been overweight.





I've found that male vegetarians get really thin...vegetarian women are mostly quite heavy and overfat.


Fascinating that a goddamn newspaper can't even get the difference between 'lose' and 'loose' right, even when its quoting something that there's a picture of in the article.

That's some capital editing right there.


No sarcasm. Of course, these are vegetarians that eat crappy breakfast cereal and donuts.



I believe that a vegetarian diet (or at least a meatless one) fucks with our hormones.


I'm a member of PETA
People Eating Tasty Animals




Your every day vegetarian schlub is likely to be overweight and diabetes prone, see Indian Hindu vegetarians.



Considering that a vegetarian diet is mostly carbs, the only lean body mass these people have is their skeletal system. And if their diet is also low in fat and dietary cholesterol, there is insufficient fuel to manufacture testosterone. No wonder the men look hollow-chested and sickly, and the women are either skinny fat or overweight.


We are talking about PETA. Fanatics in the same league as Green PEACE and any Group who scream WE ARE RIGHT!! BEFORE they hear any other point of view.

So this comes as no surprise. What surprises is they didn't use a real model.


Not just that, but they're trivializing and degrading ACTUAL WHALES!



Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today.


AH!!!! I missed that! good catch



Don't forget that for vegetarians soy is a major source of protein a lot of the time. Eating lots of soy products has proved to raise estrogen levels in men, which doesn't help...

And I can honestly say I have not met a true female or male vegetarian with a muscular or athletic build. I'm sure they're out there, but just saying...


remember all those threads in the Supplement forum about vegan/vegetarian bodybuilding?
I wonder how that guy did


here is one that Berardi did


and Chris Colucci tried it for a while


Personally I love PETA and its members, it leaves more meat for me.