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Save The Environment and World? Its Called Control and Communism: America Beyond The Crossroads

Other people are now saying what I was saying over two years ago:

By Dr. Laurie Roth Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The global elites, the greens, the global warming crowd, those obsessed with the alleged, earth crises are strange bed fellows and slimy parts of the alien monster working against our country!

These people really do have a plot to control our country and world. When you dig further and really study the beliefs, people and behavior of these seemingly unrelated groups and efforts, you see classic socialism/communism. We should be screaming against these groups and movements not talking!

The truth if I may

There is no desperate concern for Mother earth! There is no emergency about animals, special insects and plants disappearing! There are no Polar bears dying because of a wave of warm water flying by. There is however, obsession for power and control.

There is major money to indoctrinate our children?s minds towards, green, global and international thinking. There is almost criminalization of being an American and of learning and celebrating our real history! It is becoming more and more selfish to achieve. Think of all the energy, money and efforts you use to invent or achieve something?

Someone else doesn?t get something simply because you created something to solve a major problem, create jobs or entertain the world. Shame.

Kids and adults are learning from kindergarten on up these days that we must focus on ?sustainability.? We must focus on the endless suffering of others?. especially outside our borders, while avoiding that selfish thing called achievement. I remember when I lived in Japan for a while many years ago the saying on many school walls ?pound down the nail that stands up.? After all, you don?t want to really excel and leave your mates behind to be embarrassed.

I just interviewed, this week Holly Swanson, author of Set up and sold out, who warned of the extreme control agenda of the greens and conquest to indoctrinate our children. In one of her articles with newswithviews.com she quoted Anthony Cortese, President of Second Nature, one of the key groups pushing for education for Sustainability. ?

And humans are guided by a whole set of beliefs and values, and those come from culture, from religion, from social, economic, and political structure.

We need to change all of those.? Swanson said that the Greens are using our education system as simply a TOOL to make our children adapt to NEW goals that will change America??

once again, a perverted obsession with internationalism; a new religion; a new and global political structure; and training to use up to 75% less resources, no doubt including water and food.

Precious goals of these groups

Demonization of sovereignty, land ownership, freedom and even control of our life style, choices of what we eat and drink are the precious goals in these group?s bulls eye.

Many of us are too busy living, struggling with bills and life to really notice the overall push taking huge pot shots at our freedoms.

In related attempts at control are the environmental psychos going after land grabs. They cry at the feet of Mother earth, wet lands, clean water acts, save the animals, etc. Among many are the Huge BLM NCLS land grab;Yukon to Yellowstone land grab; and HR 2421 Clean Water Act (Wetlands). There are many more bills and attempts in the planning.

I have interviewed many times land rights activist and leader Chuck Cushman, landrights.org and he lists on his web site the many bills and attempts at land grabs all across our country, all using manipulative tools, potential eminent domain and more slippery strategies.

We are talking many millions of acres which is including the renewed push again for the Y2Y/Yellowstone land grab oh yeah?.right where I live. If this or any of these nightmare land grabs get through, you would see new rules about how land was to be used, new fees or controls on hunters, on other sportsman, businesses and farmers.

The false religion of globalism and environmentalism is simply the age old effort and push for socialism/communism.

On the surface, hoping to fool the naïve and needing to please, sheep in America are the cries to deal with a land crises, animals going extinct, carbon emissions destroying the atmosphere and creating dreaded pollution. Then there are the little kiddies simply starving around the world.

Their hopes are through lying propaganda, indoctrination in our schools, entertainment and speeches that you will feel like and evil jerk for not focusing on the earth, other countries and the feelings of snails.

New Idiot laws and rules for this environmentally, green and global world:

  • The international goal is to keep us all barely alive, use less energy and eat less food.
  • Stop carbon emissions by bankrupting our coal industry.
  • Force new fees for just the privilege of driving cars that hurt the environment and aren?t hybrids. Some wackoid groups are already considering a tax for drivers driving through heavy congestion areas in big cities.
  • Control and stop achievement by litigating, taxing and regulating inventers and achievers out of business. After all, achieving and freedom is too threatening to the lazy masses and to Government domination.
  • Tax all animals on farms due to the lying obsession again with carbon emissions.
  • Bankrupt more farmers and control the rest, what they grow and don?t grow.

The pathetic and sad truth is, that the more we allow these globalist/greens to take over land and rights, we will appear more and more like a sick socialist whore, marching toward the 3rd world in look, style and finance rather than bringing the struggling world up to our level. Oh my?..that was hate and arrogant speech wasn?t it?

The truth was and always has been, that America is far from perfect and has worked through many mistakes, but IT HAS BEEN OUR ENTREPENUERIAL SPIRIT, OUR WEALTH, OUR COMPASSION AND GOODNESS, OUR ACHIEVEMENT, LOVE FOR FREEDOM AND JUDEO/CHRISTIAN HERITAGE that has truly been a light on a hill; an encouragement and open door for the masses; offered new inventions, solutions and assistance to the world and even forgiven and rebuilt those who attacked us in previous wars.

Finally, it has always been and still is critical that we are sensitive to our environment and animals while reaching out to the rest of the world.

The best way to achieve this is to continue to allow wealth, achievement, our innovative spirit, independence and to lift up our true spiritual core??.not Islam, not new age, not secularism, but our judeo/Christian values with backbone.

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