Save Proteinpowda!

Ok y’all…save me! About 2.5 weeks ago I injured my wrist (sprain probably) doing reverse grip tricep pressdowns. I immedietly stopped lifting for a week, and then went back. I did what I could using a pronated grip b/c anything w/ a supinated grip was out of the question. I went to the orthopedist today and now i have to brace it for atleast 2 weeks since it hasn’t healed. Typing is a bitch now too…
So lets get creative here…What should I do? Also I’m cutting…
The Main limiting factor is that my left wrist has to be immobolized so all the conventional lifts are out of the question. This leaves machines for legs…hyperextensions, abs…Lateral raise machine for delts…
Suggestions please…

I think you will make it if you take two weeks off, hell you might come back stronger!

I’d agree EXCEPT that I’m cutting and my lifting regime. Basically it went like this.
Lifted 5 or 6 weeks…bad program
Took a week off.
Started Watebury Method.
DId that for 4 weeks, then went on to Quattro Dynamo…had to stop in the middle of the second week.
Then I took a week off and have basically just been doing what I can do for the past week (deads, bench, barbell rows, dips, squats, front squats), anything that didn’t involve a supinated grip. Unf. t just got worse…
So yes if I had trained for a solid 8 weeks…2 weeks would seem proper (that’s Ian King’s original reccomendation for the veterans). But I hvaen’t been lifting hard or long enough lately to warrant that.
Or hell…you might be right…and two weeks off would be a good idea…maybe just do what I can for now.
Also…would you guys reccomend me taking 1-ad in this phase to preserve what I have or just stick with the HOT-ROX?

Here’s some exercises:
Dip shrugs on elbows: use the hanging leg raise station, position yourself like doing hanging leg raises but Shrug yourself up using shoulder girdle and flex hard at the top.

Hise Shrugs: Shrugs in on the standing calf raise machine, or just using a bar on the back of the traps.

These 2 will save the wrists and build the entire torso.

Great suggestions Mertdawg!

Oh, also, try immersing your hand up to a few inches above the wrist in a pitcher of ice water as long as you can tolerate and then rinsing it off with luke warm water. Alternate 5-10 times a couple of times a day.

I was also going to say that you could try Zercher squats or deadlifts. They will even build the biceps along with shoulders, abs etc. You can use a pad on the bar.

Good luck.

How about Dan John’s “One dumbbell workout?”

Sorry to hear about your injury. I have a couple of thoughts:

  1. Train the right side as best you can (eg, 1 arm db bench, db row, etc). There is research that shows that training your healthy side will better preserve strength, mass, etc on the injured side. (See E. Cressy Rhode Island Roundup from a year or so ago)

  2. Try GHR, Reverse Hyper, and pistols.

  3. Wrist injuries are tough because they take so long to heal. Probably a by-product of how integral they are in most movements, and the variety of stresses they endure. Temper the desire to “make up for lost time” when you are cleared to get back at it. The second injury is worse than the first. Physicians generally think in terms of “normal activity” which doesn’t often include lifting heavy iron. 2 weeks isn’t really that long in the scheme of things.
    Good luck.

Hey guys thanks for all the advice! I think for now I’m just going to take a week off or if i go to the gym just do some hypers and calves etc…maybe next week I’ll try some of mertdawg’s ideas for my shoulders and see where it takes me. I am mainly concerned with having this heal already! And to be honest I was pleasantly surprised with this doctor. He was more than willing to answer any questions I had with this pertaining to lifting…I guess it was a good idea to see him rather than to just go back to a general physician. He even helped me with a couple questions I had about deadlifts and that natural curvature of the spine.
I’ll see how it does…

Injuries suck for sure.

What I like to do in times like this is in addition to what you can do as far as lifting, think outside the box and try stuff like sled pulling (or pulling anything heavy for that matter). I found that regular safety harnesses can be adapted for pulling use.

You could also try some lower body plyometrics like jumping, skipping, hopping, etc…

Another thing I like to do is race my kids doing 40 yd. dashes. Always feel the hamstrings the next day.

I just like to use the time to do some stuff I don’t usually do and it always seems new and fun and provides satisfaction, at least for me.

Whatever you decide to do, protect that wrist and hope you have a quick recovery.