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Save My Liver

 I'm new to the game, but I've ordered Anadrol.

My question is how much of a necessity is it to take Nolvadex with Anadrol? And if I just must take it, then what's the bare minimum amount I can get away with?



well, drol converts to estrogen. So, take the nolv if you get itchy nipples at all during the cycle.

On another note, don't do a drol only cycle.

I seriously thought this was going to be a thread about what kind of protection to take for your liver.


Yeah, me too. Just so you know, the Nolvadex has absolutely nothing to do with protecting your liver.


Well, actually no, it does not. But it is progestagenic.



My bad on that one then.

My advice remains don't run drol alone.


Which means that Nolvadex and Arimidex will do nothing for any potential gyno that develops from using anadrol. I think you would need something like cabergoline. Please someone correct me if I am wrong about this.


I think that is correct, but it will help with the bloat you get from Anadrol.


I don't plan on taking it alone, thanks for the concern though.
My point about my liver was that Nolvadex is a toxic to the liver and so I was trying to avoid that (`cause sometimes I drink a lot of beer).


Good point. Yes, both Nolvadex and Clomid are hepatotoxic, but probably less so that Anadrol itself.

As long as you're keeping the cycle reasonably short (4 to 6 weeks max), the additional stress on the liver from the Nolvadex should not be a concern.

Whether you even need to take it at all is a question that depends on what you're stacking the Anadrol with (please tell us), plus of course your own individual sensitivity to progestagenic sides.

I'm sympathetic to your beer issues, as I myself find it hard to abstain even during a cycle, even when I know better.


Liver rebounds super fast. I'd worry more about every day beer consumption than I would about short term anadrol use. How much do you plan on using? Note that nolvadex will also hinder your gains.


This all that I've got for now...
1 X Oxydrol - 20 Tabs (custom pack)
1 X Deca Durabolin (Organon) - 1 Vial 2ml
1 X 3ml Sachet - Sustanon 300

I want to experiment for myself, but I'll take some advice on daily amounts especially on the inject able ones.


You don't have enough for much of an experiment. You could do a single 2 to 3 week cycle, but you won't see much in the way of gains during that time. Still, it will give you a taste of what you can get from anabolics, and then you can decide whether you want to explore further.

(Obviously I don't believe in that old wives' tale about wasting your first cycle.)

As a progestagenic class II steroid, Anadrol stacks best with a non-aromatizing class I such as trenbolone, and/or with a steroid that is anti-progestagenic such as stanozolol. I wouldn't stack it with nandrolone since that is progestogenic itself, and aromatizes. Personally I wouldn't stack it with testosterone either but many people do and are happy with the results; if you go with this stack, you'll probably need the Nolvadex.

Your best option is to get more gear.


I'm working on that...
and uhh... how about additional things on the side like my GNC mega-man vitamins and some cyto-gainer? How could that effect it???


nothing's wrong with a multivitamin. And I'm guessing the cyto-gainer is just a weight gainer? If it's part of your diet plan, won't hurt.


You need at least 8 200 mg deca durabolin with at least 100 tabs anadrol and 8 250 - 300 mg sustanon. For a nothing special beginners cycle. What you have is not enough.


Got any links so I can finish up with what I need? Maybe one that has a choice of delivery time would be nice!


Where did you get the stuff you already have?