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Save My Elbows! Q on Auto-Regulation


I have been searching for quite some weeks now for a tricep movement that doesn't hurt my elbows. My elbows don't act up in any other exercises (chest/shoulders), but the lack of good tricep training is starting to show. I do PJR's as part of my training, but that's certainly not enough to make them grow. I'm looking for a low rep tricep movement that will spare my joints. Dear CT, please save my elbows. (PS; my triceps get trained once every 5 days)

Also, my question on auto-regulation. This is something I've been wondering for quite some time; I feel that I may have answered myself, but a professional answer would comfort me a little more.

Part of auto-regulation says that if you aren't progressing well in an exercise while your in the gym (tired, not focused, etc, etc) that you should just move on to the next movement. Also, if you find yourself unfocused and having a bad day, to just go ahead and feel free to leave.

My question is; when that next lifting day comes back around, how do you treat it?

Example: Week 1; 225x5 bench press, Week 2; crappy day-205x5, Week 3; [Do I go for a PR, do I try to hit 225 again, or do I just ramp up to whatever I can].

Like I said, maybe I answered myself, but it would help to have someone explain it to me a little better.

I apologize if these seem like long, mediocre questions, but asking questions never hurt anybody :slightly_smiling:


For the former it is correct. If you are not focused or motivated during an exercise you should change it up (not an excuse to drop a movement like deadlifts just because you "don't feel like doing it").

But I do not agree that if you feel like you are having a bad day you should leave. Sometimes it is just a matter of not being neurally activated. If you start your workout and you don't feel like training, switch to a neural charge workout for 10-15 minutes. Normally it should you back into the zone. If it does, you an do your regular workout. If it doesn't then you should leave.

But even if you leave, you will have done something positive for your performance and recovery.

You should not approach any workout (unless you have a test or a competition) like you must beat a PR today. Always activate yourself then work up to the max you can do on that day.

Sorry about the injury question, I do not answer injury questions online.


Do lots of band pushdowns. Gives a great pump, easy on the elbows. It actually makes my elbows feel better.