T Nation


 If you would like to help prevent andro products, ephedra, and other supplements from being banned, please visit the United Supplement Freedom Association at www.usfa.biz  This website has several form letters with an e-mail link that you can use to contact your members of Congress. Congress will be back in session in about eleven days and we need every member of the T-Nation to fight this or we are going to lose our right to purchase these supplements in 2003. If you already contacted you elected federal officials, please do so again, and again, because the one thing that all politicians fear the most is the power of the voters. Remember, vote NO on H.R. 5564.

Individualized letters sent out to my representative and Senators. Let’s get the ball rolling, people!

I emailed my congressman, can we all reply with the same and keep this thing bumped to the top?