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Save Acetominophen!


Welp, this is you nanny government at is best. Now acetaminophen is the fucking boogy man and they want to reduce it and take away medicines that contain it. Also, they want to yank Percocet and Vicodin and all narcotics from the market.

To people who really need this stuff it would fuck them royally, they would either then need to live in pain or take something much stronger. So what can we do? We fucking fight it. Here is the FDA's contact info. Please issue a strongly worded letter (sans cussing) and tell them that we are big boys and girl and know how to take a damn Tylenol.

(888) 463-6332
(301) 796-3400

Email and call, that's what I did.

This is not a conservative vs. liberal thing, this is just bullshit.

Don't forget congress! Let them know too:


Do not lay down like a pussy.


This is clearly fodder for the Revolution. I'm in.



I gotta say, I need to look into the particulars first on this one.


I can't believe they want to ban vicodin...this will have dire effects for pain management. Currently vicodin is only schedule 3 because it is in combination with acetaminophen. Pure hydrocodone, the active opioid in vicodin, is Schedule 2. This makes physicians alot more restrictive in prescribing it. Pain is already under treated, and this is not going to help the situation at all.


The proposed ban is for the combination drugs only. It would not stop the prescription of only the codeine or oxycodone, just the combination of the said drug when combined with acetaminophen. While I disagree with this, I understand it. Most people do not realize the effects of APAP and how much they are ingesting when they take a Vicodin, Lortab, Percocet etc.

I am very interested in seeing if this ban does happen if the FDA will change its' stance on codeine availability as it is currently not allowed in its' pure form in the US. The active narcotic in percocet is oxcodone which is sold alone as OxyContin.


But its a lot more fun when we pretend to hear goosesteps coming for out medicine cabinets.


There won't be a ban. Companies just won't be able to put it in non pain medication products like cough syrup or sleep aids anymore. Hey maybe people might realize their being scammed constantly in their otc drugs. acetaminophen is a good effective drug, but there are side effects, for minor pain. There is no need for a large dose of a drug used to treat minor pain in a combination with opiates used to treat severe pain.

theres no reason to add whey concentrate to your pwo drink if its already got a lot of whey hydro. Its just not effective.

Except in this case, it sends your liver to hell. You'd be surprised how many people i hear at the pharmacy say they take 2 acetaminophen every four hours, every day, regardless of pain. And i hear from other pharmacies as well.

next time post a relevant link.


You sure about that? I assume you have a biochemical understanding of the pros and cons right?

Those people are fucking morons. Why should I have to deal with shit because people are too stupid to take care of themselves? It's on the label, you KNOW pain medication is for PAIN, not regular use. If you are too stupid to know how to follow those directions you should not get to whine when you fuck yourself over.


IMO, acetominophen is one of the worst otcs. There is strong evidence that usage contributes to liver and kidney disease. 1000 dosages in your lifetime will double your chance of dying from liver or kidney failure.

There are other better drugs, such as aspirin and advil which are not as harsh. These work both on pain and swelling while acetominophen just works on pain pathways.

Personally, I will never take it.


Slight correction to my last post fellows, I won't take otc acetominophen. I will take it in conjunction with a script like vicodin. Many people take tylenol and similar drugs for pain on a long term basis and do not realize the damage it can do.


It is about governement nannyism and freedom of choice. You have to protect the thing you do care for to protect the things you do.


See writing you congressman does work. Check out my home boy...

Dear Mr. xxxxxxx:

Thank you for contacting me about acetaminophen. I have contacted the Food and Drug Administration on your behalf and will certainly share their response with you once I receive it.

If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Saxby Chambliss

Now write!


OK, but IF it turns out that tens of thousands of people are being harmed through no fault of their own by labeling that features either dangerously high maximum dosages or inadequate interaction warnings then it's tough to fault a move that simply corrects that which is at least one version of what is going on that I've read.

I am NO nanny state guy as you are well aware, but average people are not pharmacists and will trust whatever the label says which they should be able to do.


Yes, but you know it's bullshit in this case. It's been around for many decades and is still one of the safest meds around....
It's not like seldane.


And if they know it's reduced in strength, they'll take four instead of two.

I don't take acetaminphon myself, don't particularly trust it. But this is kind of stupid.


But its not the labeling that is the problem. Its not people taking what the package says that are getting the liver damage. Its when they go above and beyond the recommended dosage, or combine multiple sources of the drug. There probably should be a better label about the how serious the damage is if you overdose, but limiting it because people don't bother to read the label is not the solution.


Aspirin can cause potentially life threatening stomach bleeding. Take a few too many aspirin and you wont be in too good a shape. Ibuprofen can also to a lesser degree, and has been linked with serious cardiac problems when taken above recommended dosage.


If you drink enough distilled fucking water you can die. Just because people are stupid does not mean we need legislation to counter their stupidity. All this does is punishes the rest of the population who are not stupid. Did I mention yet today that I hate politicians and government?



No, not today. haha


I just got a call from the FDA....
They said that they are not going to reduce dosages or remove from acetaminophen combination meds. All they are going to do is increase the warning.
She said they have been getting a lot of calls on this.

Victory for freedom! Vicodin and percocet for all!!!