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Just came across this episode of Fight Quest, I'd never watched it before.

There's something about the episode that intrigues me.

I think its the attitude that the French bring to it, and the atmosphere they train in - on sailboats in the Mediterranean, on the docks and streets of Marseilles, in the sun and in the heat.

It's also the idea of fighters not being these angry, gritty types like they are in America, but, in this guy Doug Anderson's words, people who "love life" and enjoy it, but are fearsome in the ring.


I loved that episode. It showed Savate as a good style and didnt take the French are pussies route.

I loved the guy that was the Champion who kicked Jimmy in the liver. Such an intense guy who you could tell loved the sport. Where he gets all serious on the bag and starts screaming at him "do you want to fight me" I was pretty impressed. He got one of my pet peaves which is non intensity on bag training.


Yea it really was fantastic. You could really tell that both of these guys really appreciated the chance to train with those coaches, and that they really did the best they could as a result.

And though the French may have a bad reputation because of World War II, they've put out their fair share of warriors, both in the field and in the ring. They do deserve better recognition for that, and I'm glad that this showed that a bit more strongly than other shows might have.


That was awesome, been a long time since I saw such a well made martial arts documentary. Real in depth discussion of history, technique and exectution, I loved it. I'll be looking out for more of these complete episodes.


Here's the one about boxing. It's fucking awesome, Jimmy gets to train with Nacho Beristain and Vincente Escobedo in Mexico City while Doug gets to train in the mountains of Mexico with other guys.

This is another fantastic episode.


I had the chance to train a little Savate with Nicolas Saignac. My interest was adapting the footwork into my standup game. Good times.

It's a very cool sport, although I can't get over the uniforms and don't really like wearing the shoes.


Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Watching it brought back some good memories.

Another one of my favourite contact sports.

And yeah, the shoes are a fucking pain in the ass.


That was a great show, and Savate is a really cool, and less well known art. For street application, kickign with the point of some nice boots is pretty lethal. And those guys can definatley kick!


What's up with the shoes?


I just didn't like wearing shoes when training Savate.

I've been used to bare foot combat for the major part of my life. So, I found wearing shoes quite uncomfortable. The same applies to those Kick boxing shoes. Horrendous. Grr!!!


Savate actually uses a special shoe that is hard on the toes. I am pretty sure that is what was revealed when Human weapon from history channel covered it. doing Krav I have learned to like wearing shoes. I do feel there is an advantage to trainin with the extra weight. I do alternate during bag classes so that my feet don't get to pussified from being covered all the time.


Those Savate shoes are actually meant to protect the toes but It took me a while to get used to it. When training Krav, I just wore an old pair of running shoes. My feet seem not to agree with some special combat shoes.


Yes just running shoes or whatever works in Krav. In prep for MMA fights I train barefoot for a while the problem with regular classes is that they send us outside to run and I have did it barefoot but everyone else is wearing shoes and it sucks to get stepped on by peoples big ugly shoes....lol.



Wow, running barefoot? For how long if you don't mind me asking? That's pretty hardcore stuff.


vibram five fingers FTW for running and deadlifting


I'd slam my dick in a door before I got caught wearing those gay ass things.


even if they look gay they work.



I sprint and lift in them. Sometimes I wrestle in them too since I haven't shelled out for wrestling shoes.

As to the Savate shoes Irish, they are actually a pretty essential part of Savate because they do kick with the intent of impacting with the toes... which is something you would never try to do sans shoes.

It's also why cross-training Savate isn't the most helpful for mainstream kick-boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA. Savate has great foot-work (in large part I think because you aren't allowed to check kick or catch kicks, defense = moving out of the way), but the ranging is "off" because those toe strikes put kicking range much further out than usual, especially for those of us to generally try and connect with the shin and not the foot at all.


Oh not that far, just over 1/8th mile during the warmup. our center is beside some restraunts etc. so have to look for broken bottles on the ground.


My dream is that my foot gets so hard and tough that i will be able to run through fire and broken bottles.