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Sauteeing greens without olive oil?


I really like to eat sauteed greens, because it condenses some very healthy stuff into a very small size.

However, almost every recipe I have read calls for olive oil in the sautéing process. However, as everyone knows, olive oil has a fairly low smoke point which makes it ill-suited for sautéing. I have tried replacing olive oil with coconut and macadamia nut oil, but the taste always comes out a little odd.

Any oil suggestions that are good for sautéing and won't add a funky flavor?


So world renowned chefs have been doing it wrong all these years? Cool. Got it.


Lower your heat, it's sauteing, not incinerating.

Use Olive Oil, not EVOO.

Or use duck fat.....




Use butter.


Canola oil is flavourless and has a high smoke point.


Turn down the heat and use olive oil.

My Yia yia (Greek Gramma) makes her greens by simmering them in olive oil. She fills up a small pot with the oil, then dumps the greens in. It's easier than using water since the barrel of olive oil in right there in the kitchen and she'd have to go down to the well to get water...


If you can believe there really is an International Olive Oil Council...


Well it obviously tastes better with olive oil, but it is pretty much accepted that the heat needed to sautee is above olive oil's smoke point, correct?


You're being much too literal.

Saute comes from the french "sauter' which means "to jump'. It refers to the fact that you keep the food moving so it doesn't burn. There's so much moisture in spinach, even on a high heat you wind up steaming it more than anything else.

Put some olive oil and garlic in a medium hot pan, keep the garlic moving for 3 minutes (if the garlic starts turning brown turn the heat down), add the greens, turn up the heat a bit. Keep the greens moving so that they get lightly coated in the oil. Keep moving them around the pan until they're at their brightest green, add sea salt, take them off the heat, serve with lemon.



I've mentioned this a few times in other threads.

If you mix an oil with a higher smoke point with olive oil, the smoke point of the olive oil will increase to the oil you mix it with.

Clarified butter has a high smoke point and works great with olive oil in terms of flavour.


Jesus Christ...... use Light Olive Oil and keep the heat down.


Surprised to hear you say that....


Bacon fat and coconut both add a good taste.


I suggest tallow. Do NOT use seed/'vegetable' oils please


Coconut oil FTW.




If you're eating the shit for health benefits, does it matter if it has a funky flavor? Why not just wilt the shit without oil?

Or fuck, eat it raw? A little extra water isn't that filling, FFS.

Is it just me or are people making even more stupid threads lately?