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Sauna'ing PWO

Is having a nice steam or sauna after you work out detrimental at all to gains? Is it in any way beneficial?

I really enjoy relaxing in the sauna for a bit after I finish workouts, but have been a little wary about going lately as I’m completely unsure as to whether it will positively or negatively affect my training

You will notice an amazingly detrimental effect if you don’t replentish the water that you sweat out. If you get enough to drink though it shouldn’t hurt you. I used to go a lot because I noticed that it cleared my skin up a little.

This is the exact thing i was thinking when sat in the sauna every time i have a workout. I know that it relaxes me, and i can make the assumption that the heat can help relax the muscles after a hard training session. But i would really like to hear from anyone who knows the actuals truths in this matter!

i’d say, if you feel like steamin’, go for it. Just make sure you’re compensating for the extra water your losing. You should probably take your PWO shake before goin in, too.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I used to sauna all the time after I trained.

I wouldn’t sweat the details.

too bad the sauna at my gym is always filled wth ass-naked old guys sitting around with their legs open :frowning:

I swear by a ten minute cook in the steam room after a workout. It actually does alot more then just relax…

  1. If you have asthma, breathe deep. This clears out most clogging and relaxes the lungs from the inside out.

2)Steam hydrating the skin creates a kind of nice osmosis effect. Bad sweat gets replaced by (clean?) water.

3)Most steam rooms have Eucalyptus, Lemon, or Menthol spray bottles. They do more then just mask the smell of sweat, they invigorate the nervous system and kind of act as an antibacterial for the skin and lungs.

I love the steam room and sauna effects. Just drink water before entering.

I wondered a bit about this myself and have, thus far, tended to stay away from the sauna after weight training, mostly on the basis of reading about the benefits of icing yourself down post workout to promote recovery. I need to see if I can find a piece on it and post it here.

It’s far from detrimental, but not exactly an ideal time either… Your joints tend to be particularly inflamed after a heavy lifting session; so introducing them to more heat is not a good idea at that point. In theory it could promote further inflammation or even injury.

That’s the theory… in practice I know plenty of people who do it and they seem to be just fine. Still, if possible I try to use a sauna on the off-lifting day; and whenever I go, I drink tons of water.


I remember reading it increases the growth hormone response.
In addition, it can help you remove any excess water you retain under your skin.
It helps you relax, by sweating you eliminate the toxins.

I would definitely do saunas if I didn’t have to rush home to eat after a workout.

Muscular Development just had a short article on this, it was helpful to take a hot bath after training but I’d have to read it again to know exactly what it does.