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I have access to a sauna. Anyone use one? Why? What prootcol? Do you notice any benefits?

Love them! When I was heavily involved in making weight sports, I used them very regularly. Not so much now as I don’t have access. They are a great way to relax mind and muscles after a workout. I am a strong believer in both cold and heat therapy for recovery.

Also those scented oils are great for a combined aromatherapy session, especially if you have a cold or sinus prob- try eucalyptus!

Just a couple of proviso’s:

  1. Unless you are deliberately trying to dehydrate very short term for a sport weight, ensure plenty of fluid intake before, during and after. Electrolytes are good too, as we lose a lot in sweat.
  2. Don’t get into the “Hot as you dare, the hotter the better” syndrome that I’ve seen in some establishments. Some sauna rats think it’s clever to increase the heat again and again trying to burn everyone else out. Not big or clever. It should be comfortably warm/hot (enough to give a good sweat).

If you don’t have access to a masseuse, IMO this approaches it for muscle relaxation.

Hope this helps, SRS.

Also if you are in a cutting cycle it is good for maintaining body temperature levels thusly maintaining the higher metabolism associated after training. However if you are training to gain then it might not be best thing for right after a workout. Ian king recommends cooling the body as fast as possible after a workout while on a mass phase.
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saunas can be used as a restorative measure (although maybe not right after training). you could also do a sauna, alternated with bathtub of ice combo. theyre also fun to hotbox in.

The negative effect of Saunas after training on cortisol/testosterone ratio, is the most important issue here. Heat is not wanted after training, when the body enters recuperation period. As a muscle relaxer, and recuperation means in an off day, or long enough after a workout, its ok, but I dont advice on using it right after a training session.

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