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Sauna Use?


No clue where this thread should go, but I was wondering, how long do you stay in the sauna for after you workout, for those of you that use one. I only go in on my conditioning days which are twice per week. I'm wondering if I'm staying in too long though. It's usually at or slightly above 200 degrees and I stay in from 15-25 minutes. When I get out I am absolutely beat, I'm wondering if I'm overdoing it. I've never seen any articles or research on saunas so I'm kind of in the dark here.


Why do you go into the sauna after training? What are you trying to accomplish?
I rarely go into the sauna, maybe once or twice a year just for something diffeent and to relax.
If I was you I would not bother. Your probaly losing lots of fluids. After training you should be drinking fluids and eating the right foods and recovering.
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Its a scientific fact that saunas are germ factories and eye candy hot spots for the gheys... didnt you read that big thread in GAL? :slight_smile:


Yeah if you're getting bummed for 15-25mins you're definitely overdoing it mate.


yah, I do it cause it feels good. I need to post the pictures from outside the sauna. The management put up a sign saying the health department inspects the saunas, and that anyone found doing anything illegal in them will be expelled. Basically guys were getting gay in there, maybe even getting gay with kids.


lol - If a sauna had a history of gay activity I would never go in it period.

EDIT: I would probably change gyms too.


But saunas do make you feel good especially if you live in a place where it snows. Sitting in the sauna after a workout then walking outside in the cold weather feels amazing.

Just be sure to sit on a towel and wear sandals while you're in there.


I'm sure they aren't "optimal" for body building purposes, particularly by some people on this sites standards. but if they make you feel good and you do it every now and then i cant see it making any difference whatsoever in the long run.


LOL @ rajraj. Yeah I lay on a towel, and let my pendulous dong hang over the side of my left thigh like a blood sausage.


Note to self: never go in a sauna again.


Dude, I think theBird offered you a sound response. I use the sauna after a workout because it relaxes me and the heat feels good on my aching body. However, after a workout you definitely need to replenish fluids so take a water bottle with you. I didn't do that once and stayed about 15 minutes. I could barely make it out of the sauna I was so drained and light-headed. 15 minutes is usually the recommended limit and that's for someone who doesn't have a stressed body from lifting and an elevated core temp. Remember, fluids lost must be replaced.


that's true. I'm probably not helping my cause staying in their 25 minutes


sip on a shake while you're in the sauna then eat a meal when you get home. Problem solved.


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Agreed. using a sauna that much can hold back progress. There is no point to it and doing it just because it feels good is a dumb reason to keep doing it unless your overall progress isn't a concern.

Why deplete your body like that daily ON PURPOSE when the whole goal is to build yourself up?


Fair enough. I was under the impression fluid loss was the only real concern with sauna use.


Dude, that is like a smoker saying, "Oh, I thought coughing was the only concern with smoking cigs".

You are making your body work harder if you are sending it into a desert everyday AFTER you trained it into the ground. That would be WHY you feel like crap.

That is why a biology text book would do most better than the latest personal training manual.

Let me train my chest until I can't scratch my own nose and THEN walk into the Sahara....for fun.


but it feels so goooooooood!


Built my own years ago. Use it once a week on my off day. 2 20m stints with 5-10m break. 1/2 gallon or more water, NO alcahol. Shower and eat, to bed. Sleep like a rock.

It also works great in helping to kill cold/flu. Makes a big difference for me.


I find working out helps me recover from minor illness like that. Cardio sometimes helps as well for sinus blockage for me.