Sauna Before Session

ok i read a part of a thread and here it is:

In contrast to the previous studies, this one used a hot sauna following rowing sessions in competitive rowers. They used ~30 minutes of sauna therapy and compared subsequent mean power outputs to sessions without sauna.

Power outputs didn’t significantly change at any time point, although there was a trend for reduction in power output two days following the exercise only when sauna therapy was used. The authors concluded that sauna therapy following exercise may actually decrease performance two days following the training session.

Taking into consideration the information from the previous study, we can summarize by saying that after a workout: cold good, hot bad. (3)

ok i have a sauna at my gym i love it after a workout i like to go in the sauna it calms me after the brute workout i just had it opens my pours beofre i get in the shower just feel much cleaner but after i read this it break my heart so aside form just not doing it ever again i’m wonder maybe sauna before worout would be good to warm muscle up sounds logical any feedback?

What if you take a cold shower after the sauna? You’re all heated up during the workout, then you continue with the heat in the sauna and then you end it with a cool shower.

just had one of those genius beer moments mijan. “brilliant” lol

If you search for recovery you’ll find a lot on this subject. A sauna before the workout does have a similar effect to “warming up” with something cardiovascular for a couple minutes.

If you’ve heard of contrast showers for recovery you can apply the same technique to sauna + shower. Just be sure you end on the cold, as Majin said.