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Sauna After Morning Session If Training Again at Night?

Hi there guys!

I am a big fan of a good sauna /steam bath after training for recovery. It feels good on muscles and joints and aids recovery like nothing else imho.

Having said so: I always do it after training. If I train twice in a day (morning lift and night bw/sport/not lifting heavy stuff…) would it be ok to have a quick sauna 10-20 min in the morning after training if I am training at night as well? Would it help recovery or would it be detrimental note that after sauna I will be eating, drinking plenty of fluids and having a quick nap! night training would be 5-6 hours later…

Thank you for your answers!

Yes, you can have the sauna.

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Can i have your life ? being able to train 2x a day, take a sauna and napppp


thanks guys!

lol I guess I am pretty lucky right now… I don’t have a family, no kids, nor planning to… I basically go to the gym+work+ occasional ladies… no partying, no alcohol no distractions!