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Saul Alvarez


this kid is gonna be a big star, he's only 20 and undefeatedh...watch out for him


He's ok. He gets hit too much. When he faces a top guy he'll get knocked the fuck out unless he learns to move his head.


I think his popularity in Mexico is going to keep him from making changes to his training staff, then once he steps it up in competition he'll lose.


yeah but his style gives him popularity, hes willing to bang. he still young he'll still develope, remember he's just 20yrs. old.
plus he bangs models so hes good wit me,lol


I've watched him fight- he's fun to watch, tough fucking guy. But he's more a John Duddy then he is a Barrera or Morales.


Cris Arreola had a crowd pleasing style too, then he got in the ring with a more skilled fighters and got dominated. I think he'll have trouble once he steps up his quality of opposition and it'll take a loss or maybe even two losses for him to reevaluate himself and make a decision to change his training staff around.

I think he can still have a good career, just that he'll need a rough time before he really tries to become a good fighter. His age is really in his favor.


Keep in mind though that Arreola had a solid amateur pedigree at light heavy- he wasn't just a brawler who they turned loose.

This dude Alvarez doesn't have that, and that's going to work against him in learning to box as opposed to brawl. But I agree with this post.


good points, since we're speaking of potential stars here's two more cubans

although i question if you can can gamboa a up and comer at this point
rigonduex is just starting out his pro career, in the video you can see
him getting used to the pro game as you know its almost like a different sport
than fighting in the amateurs, but once he starts to get comfortable you can see the qualities for an awesome career. Both men have had stellar Amateur careers.


unrelated but this guy always frustrated me because he has/had not lived up to his potential