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Saudi Women Stripping on Internet




In other news, people are practicing sodomy in North Carolina and college kids are abusing marijuana.

And since when does a URL suffices to start a thread?


Saudi hotties! Man, where's the pics!


Apparently Lebanese Broadcasting Corp thought it was newsworthy.


[i]Saudi psychologist Samira Al Ghamadi: Instead of becoming upset that such images are being broadcast, we should ask why such things happen in our homes. Why do our children enter these sites? Out of curiosity. They seek answers to things we never explain to them.

We tell them that this is forbidden, and shameful, shameful, shameful, shameful... We never answer them. We always say: "They will learn in the future." But they learn the wrong things, I am very sorry to say.

We do not give them a sense of security. We do not give them enough room to express themselves, so they go to chat rooms. Many women might be upset with me for saying so, but there are married women whose husbands constantly pressure them, while they themselves go out at night and hang out.

So the wife withdraws into the Internet and meet many people. She chooses an imaginary name, and meets guys who value her and treat her properly, while on the other hand, her husband humiliates her. Why wouldn't she go there?[/i]


As we can see, things that can put islam in a bad light.. IS A BIG NO NO for lixy..



I hope they shave up first. Their mustaches that is....


And since when does a URL suffices to start a thread?[/quote]

I actually hit the enter button by mistake. What I wanted to say was that these women are apparently doing this because they are not able to be publicly admired. i was interested in T-Nation responses to this method of coping.

What's the relevance of North Carolina sodomy to this?


Makes sense now.

Sodomy in N.C. is prohibited by law. Yet, many people get convicted of it every year. The same applies for the rigid outdated situation in Saudi Arabia. Don't know if we can associate this to Murphy's law, but people are bound to break laws.

What you probably didn't get, is that to anybody familiar with the Arab world, your post sounded silly (that you picked Memri to report the story adds to that sentiment!). It's like me posting something about how false-IDs are used by minors to get alcohol, or how chicks in Catholic schools sneak out to have sex.

Did you seriously think Saudi girls had no libido?


Doesn't MEMRI provide English translations of news originally broadcast in arabic, such as the article in the thread. It's actually pretty useful (and credible) around here.



I'd figure they'd tend to lose it after the clitorectomies.


Young Pakistani girls experimenting in class... it was bound to happen, hormones are hormones and teenagers will be teenagers where ever in the world they may be.


I don't know how you judge credibility, but, I for one, don't take the word of my local supplements dealer when he claims something will make me double in size in six weeks. I go and do my own research.

You may wanna read this first.

Then, take a look at the profile of who's behind the venture:

Their credibility went down the drain for me the day Hedo posted a "translation" of a page on a Jihadist website, and the source they referenced didn't exist. Keep in mind that it was within a day of the translation being posted.

No risk of saturated servers either, since the rest of the portal responded to queries just fine. The discussion is somewhere in a thread from March.

Seriously, if you can't even verify "translations" they post, what kind of credibility do they have?


Clitorectomy is not part of the Islamic tradition, no matter what perception your media punched in your brains. It is a practice prevalent in Africa. In Saudi Arabia, however, it has never been practiced (at least openly).

Read on the attitude of Islam towards the matter:

[i]"[...]In March 2005, Dr Ahmed Talib, Dean of the Faculty of Sharia at the Al-Azhar University, stated: "All practices of female circumcision and mutilation are crimes and have no relationship with Islam.

Whether it involves the removal of the skin or the cutting of the flesh of the female genital organs...it is not an obligation in Islam.[23] Both Christian and Muslim leaders have publicly denounced the practice of FGC since 1998.[24]

Many Muslim scholars believe FGC is practiced as a result of ignorance and misconceived religious fervor rather than for reasons of true religious doctrine. A recent conference at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo (December, 2006) brought prominent Muslim clergy to denounce the practice as not being necessary under the umbrella of Islam.[25]

Although there was some reluctance amongst some of the clergy, who preferred to hand the issue to doctors, making the FGC a medical decision, rather than a religious one, the Grand Mufti Ali Jumaa of Egypt, signed a resolution denouncing the practice.[26]"[/i]


Typical response from you. Try and discredit the source. You didn't do too well then either.

Bottom line. A lot of horrible crap gets posted by you and your brothers. Just because a Jew translates it doesn't make it any less valid. I'm sure you know exactly what happened to the source don't you?

Your just angry because you agenda was exposed and since then you haven't been taken very seriosuly. Time for introspection son.


It's a reputable site performing a valuable service. Lixy doesn't like it because Muslims like to keep this stuff hidden and it was founded by Jews, the sworn enemy of he and his brothers.


It was a joke silly.


It seems as if there was a fair bit of controversy about a translation that MEMRI provided of a Bin Laden speech. It seems like the biggest complaint was over their interpretation of one word "states". One of their critics, Juan Cole, isn't exactly unbiased either.


In the absence other sources, I'll keep reading MEMRI's translations of arab articles, regardless of their cherry picking.


You should see lixy's link to a nice diatribe about how Mahmoud's speech was misinterpreted to say "wiped off the map" when it should've been interpreted as "erased from the pages of history". It's pretty entertaining.


My point in posting this is that Saudi women don't have a chance to express their libidos in a healthy fashion in person. I'm just glad they at least have the net where they can express something of their sexuality.

As for Memri, it's a reputable, scrupulous organisation.
Jeez, hostile much?
You may be familiar with the Arab world. Good for you. Guess what - you're not the only one!


They have to be hotter than Laura Bush, and certainly their Grandma, Barb (or is that the Grandpa, hard to tell) Did they shave their cooters?