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Saudi Women Drivers


Well they gave women the right to drive and look what happened:

Just a joke folks. I thought it was a good excuse to share this bizarre video from the isolated country. I got to hand it to these drivers, it takes talent and balls to do what ever it is they are doing…


I don’t get it.

What are they trying to do?


The people on the wall are even more curious to me. I see a car coming at high speed out of control, I run like hell. They stand there and clap.
I don’t know what they are trying to do. I guess that’s their version of drifting? Lexus’s at 240 kmh doing hand brake turns and shit.
My guess is there isn’t much to do and they have their share of adrenaline junkies getting their rocks off.


If only wars were won by driving like an asshole. Then maybe the Sauds would fight their own wars.


In Saudi Arabia everything that remotely resembles “fun” is haram, meaning illegal. Illegal as in we’ll chop your head off.

So there isn’t anything to do. Saudis can sexually abuse their Filipino female slaves/servants or fly to Dubai to do hookers and blow. But in the country itself you can basically only eat - most of them are fat fucks - or drive like an asshole. Drifting, revving up your engine, being a total dickhead.

You know how a night out in SA looks like? You take one ludicrously expensive car from your fleet, drive around your town with windows rolled down and exchange pleasantries and appreciative comments with other men in their respective cars.


Mother Russia still reigns supreme…


I have no desire to visit. It’s a weird place. Not a good weird just ‘fucked up’ weird.
Let’s bomb it!


Not letting women drive sounds like something they’d say in the Stone Age


I don’t even want to know what the penalty for getting caught with blow in the UAE would be. Public hanging?


Then we’d actually have a use for Chicago.


You sound like you have great respect and nostalgia for the Stone Age.


it was supposed to be a joke about there not even being cars then


I was joking about your joke…


Welcome to KSA


Allah la yasamhak! Sharmota! Dirka dirka bacalah.


i know