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Saudi Men Board FL School Bus


Saudi Men Who Got on School Bus Excused
Saudi men who boarded school bus because they wanted to visit school will avoid prosecution

TAMPA, Fla., Jun. 26, 2006

(AP) Two Saudi men accused of boarding a school bus full of students won't be prosecuted if they complete a pretrial intervention program for first-time offenders, the state attorney's office said Monday.

Mana Saleh Almanajam, 23, and Shaker Mohsen Alsidran, 20, were charged with misdemeanor trespassing after boarding the bus bound for Wharton High School on May 19. They told investigators they got on the bus because they wanted to visit the school and didn't know it was just for students.

At the time, the men gave conflicting reasons why they boarded the bus and were kept in jail for the weekend, police said. They were released after detectives determined they meant no harm, and immigration agents found that they were here legally.

The two men arrived in the country seven months ago on student visas and are enrolled at the English Language Institute at the University of South Florida, officials said.

Terms of the pretrial intervention program were not immediately available.


What the fuck is wrong with this country? These guys get on a school bus as what is most likely a dry run for a bombing.

They give conflicting stories on why they are on the bus and lie about their nationality.

They attend school at South Florida U which has a reputation for professors that raise money for terrorist organizations.

Why the hell would we let them go? At the very leasdt we should deport them.

Our government is staggeringly incompetent.


Saudi men once again...did anyone notice they were not Iraqi?

We should have invaded Saudi Arabia and took their oil fields away from them.

That would have been a better war plan.


The problem with anti-terrorism is that most of the surveillance and intel gathering that a terrorist organization does is not illegal. Were these guys terrorists? Hard to tell. The fact that we detained them and have their pictures and descriptions is enough to take them out of the terrorism game. Often that is enough to interupt a surveillance effort, which can interrupt the attack planning.
Should we deport these guys, or should we keep them here and monitor who they communicate with? We can learn more about them and who they are possibly working for by keeping tabs on them.


Let them go and watch them with everything the NSA, CIA, and FBI have at their disposal.

I am with you on that front.


I hope that is the case. You would have to be pretty naive to think these guys are not scouting for terrorist acts.


As a parent of two school aged kids, this gets to me in a deep place.

I don't trust the NSA or FBI or any government agency to do a decent job of watching these idiots.

I would totally support shooting them in the head on CNN as a message to others.


No, that wouldn't be construed as declaring war on Saudis at all...


That's the problem of a free society that presumes innocence until guilt is proven. You just don't get to kill people because they do something suspicious.

Do you guys actually like the things your country stands for?


Hold up, these guys are Saudi immigrants who might not know that they aren't allowed on a children school bus but does that makes them criminals? Or did they try to resist getting off the bus or something?


Yet a bunch of Saudi's flying planes into the WTC and Pentagon wasn't an act of war?


Our Constitution applies only to citizens, born or naturalized. I don't think these scumbags were either.


Are you kidding or are you that naive?

It was a probe, to see what will happen when they strap on their suicide vests and jump on the yellow dawg.


They are not immigrants. They are students and are supposed to return to Saudi Arabia when their visa runs out.

They got on a school bus illegally. The driver tried to kick them off and they refused to leave.

When questioned by the police they lied about their nationality and gave multiple conflicting reasons why they got on the bus.

This was not an innocent mistake.


Join the Metropolitan police then, they do that.


I don't know exactly what it was, but really, I don't understand the need to do a trial run just for kicks.

If it was anything at all, then it would simply be a message. The message would then be that in modern society we can be struck anywhere at any time no matter how prepared we try to be.

Again, why the hell probe a school bus? There's nothing complex involved that needs a dry run... it's as likely to be a ploy to strike fear into the public for political reasons as anything else.


Homeschool for the win.


the investigators determined that they meant no harm.. but you, sitting at home, know better.



Al Queda does extensive reconnaissance before hitting a target. The guys who do the recon aren't the guys who hit the target. I have read that the Brits believe there were over 100 dry runs before the attack on the London train stations.

After the success of the school attack in Beslan Russia a few years back, attacks on schools have been added to the terrorist repertoire. Every terrorist attack is a ploy to strike fear into the public for political reasons.


Saudi's delcared war on us and we invaded Iraq...go figure...


I watched "Children of Beslan" earlier this week. That was one of the most horrible/painful things I've ever seen.