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Saudi Intervention In Iraq

What a fucking mess we’ve created. And note who the author is:


Oh sure, the Saudi royals will whip out the checkbook, no doubt. They probably already have. That dog won’t hunt. This time it’s going to take boots on the ground. Of which they don’t have so many.

The issue of religious legitimacy could be of particular importance in this issue as mentioned by the author. The Saudi regime has been under pressure for years by Islamist militants who believe their regime to be corrupt and unislamic. Bin Laden is a perfect example of this. His stated goal from the beginning has been to free Saudi Arabia from its corrupt rule- with a beat down on the US as the necessary intermediate step. If the Saudis were to step up and actually act as the defender of the faith- or even more extreme, the punisher of the heretics- they might succeed in drawing the fire of the islamists away from themselves and possibly even establishing a measure of legitimacy. The foreign enemy is always a useful tool, especially when there’s a history with them- a 1300 year history.

Of course the implications and qualifications would fill a small book here and I’m lazy.

This is all Taqiyya c****

if someone doesn’t know about it (I’m not sure about the currect spelling) look it up on wikipedia.

the saudis say this to the US to look good , while they encourage bin laden on another speach , and bribe baker with oil dollars.

like cair like the saudis like all the other “”“MODRATE muslims”"" , they are on the jihadists side , but soem of them living in western scocieties or having ties with them feel uncomfortable with it.