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Sauces, Marinades

I’m looking for suggestions as to which sauces, etc. are good on meats. Most of what I see contains either glucose/fructose or soy.
I do use worcestershire sauce, and hot pepper sauce, but need something with more flavor to make the meats tastier.thanks for the feedback.

When I cook flank steak, I typically like to marinate it overnight in chimichurri sauce. Just do a search on foodnetwork.com for various chimichurri recipes. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to make.

I also like using homemade pesto on chicken breast.

I haven’t tried chimmi yet, but I’ve been eyeing it in the store. Thanks for the endorsement.

I marinate flank steak overnight in worcestershire, sometimes adding fresh ground black pepper and/or grated ginger if I want some extra kick. Adding Tapatio or Louisiana Hot Sauce gives it a buffalo tip.

Stubb’s marinades are great as well; I throw 2 or 3 pounds of chicken in a gallon ziplock in the morning with marinade and leave it in the fridge all day. Grill them at night and you’re golden for several days. The beef and pork marinades are good.

I’ll throw a slab of salmon in a gallon zip with a little honey and ground black pepper and let it sit for an hour before grilling. Also, coarse ground mustard (dijon, Jack Daniels, or spicy brown), cider vinegar, and some dill or rosemary is great on salmon, left the same way. Goes great with pork chops, too.

I have a recipe for a homeade teriyaki that’s awesome, but not with me – I’ll post it soon.