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Saturday Night Stuck At Home


Who is with me?

Post a joke or an awesome link. Maybe a movie title?

Currently watching Rambo 2.





I have heard football is on


"Me want go America. Live the quiet life"

Worst Asian portrayal ever. Still, a great film with a great moral - if there is an obstacle in your path, blow the fuck out of it with an exploding arrow!


Welcome to my life.

Sitting here eating steak and me special greenbeans (will post greenbean recipe in La Cucina thread...).

Probably throw some sausage at the wife later.

Workout partner wants to lift early, like 730am tomorrow... ugh.

Maybe I'll surf Netflix, unless something exciting happens on these boards tonight....


You can find Mystery Science Theater 3000 on youtube. :smiley:

This is one of the silliest ones.

Space Mutiny


Tex Ag - Yeah, not a huge pro-sports fan. I love playing football growing up but watching it just makes me feel like a cheerleader. Weird I know.

Pimpbot - ........what?

Steely D - Rest up and hit it hard man! Totally worth it!! PS, I lurk your Cucina thread... great stuff. I love Cajun and Mexican food but your recipes are working in to my rotation.

Charlie Horse - Thanks for the link, do you like the movie "Space Balls"?


The last time this type of thread came up, Mod Laurie moved it to SAMA because Lanky, I and a couple other dudes went to free webcam site and kept commenting on good rooms in the thread.

Yeah I'm home because I'm beat up from work and the gym, and my wife is pregnant, no going out for us, lol.


I just got home from work and have to go back tomorrow so meh. Just going to watch tv and surf tnation until I pass out.


Rambo 2. The movie you say you're watching. It contains a shitload of exploding arrows.


CB - nurturing a child, especially at the pregnancy stage, is way better than anything painting a town red (or white?) could offer. Congrats! Boy or girl?

JTF - What do you do that has you coming in on Sunday?


Hahahahahahaha, my bad. I saw your Japanese location and didn't know what to think.


It has some funny moments, but if I'm going to watch a bad movie I prefer it to be one that the makers of the bad movie thought they were making a serious movie. Much funnier.


I'm having a baby girl.

My buddy text and I think I'm going over there when the wife goes to bed. He lives 3 mins away.


Well my wife is having it, I'm just hanging around and bringing ice chips and shit


LOL, I remember that.

On the second note, wait til baby is born... then not only are you not going out, you ain't sleeping either!


Yeah, I'm looking forward to being a burden on her life when I'm 70 and dying, as payback for the new born hell she will be putting us through.



Yeah, that's why I got a bunch of 'em.... Insurance!


BTK, fucking horrible


I'm a butcher for a shitty grocery chain. Foodlion, not sure if they have them out your way.