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Saturated Fats - So What's the Deal

I’m seeing conflicting opinions all the time. Obviously on here with the huge popularity of the Anabolic Diet and other articles that point to SF intake as being both neccessary and beneficial to various health and hormonal functions, and I’m not disputing that.

But I also see opinions ranging from “you only need a certain amount, anything more could affect your health” to “That’s a load of horse shit, a healthy active individual doesn’t need to worry about his SF intake”.

Which is it?

search for the article The Truth About Saturated Fat by John Meadows, gives a much better analysis than I ever could

[quote]Aussie Davo wrote:
I’m seeing conflicting opinions all the time…

Which is it?[/quote]

Check out Fat Head http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1333994/

Having endured the food pyramid and a couple decades of the lipid hypothesis, I’ve decided that the greatest study ever done is evolution. For 2.4 million years we evolved and ate what we hunted and gathered. This is the food that we thrive on and the con regarding cholesterol, bad fats, etc is a bunch of shit.