Satan's Real Estate?

(You simply can’t make this stuff up…)

What’s 666 Fifth Avenue?

“It’s a 41-story tower in Midtown Manhattan that was supposed to be the crown jewel of the Kushner Companies real estate empire. The Kushners bought in 2007 for $1.8 billion, and at the time it was the most expensive real estate deal in New York City’s history”.

“The purchase was orchestrated by a young Jared Kushner, who had taken over the company in 2005 when he father Charles Kushner, the company’s founder, was sentenced to jail in 2005 for tax evasion and witness tampering. Jared Kushner, now a senior adviser to President Trump and the husband of his daughter Ivanka, closed the deal on his 26th birthday in 2007”.

Where is the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth of the Religious Conservatives who branded Obama “The Anti-Christ”?

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Does it have a 13th floor though? That’s where all the evil happens.

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I found a virtual tour of the offices on line-


“When the Jews return to Zion and a comet fills the sky, and the Holy Roman Empire rises; then you and I must die. From the eternal sea he rises, creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother, 'til man exists no more.” - Father Brennan from the Omen - 1976

Is that a serious question?

It is…because Obama was labeled the “Anti-Christ” by some.

Oh, at first I wasn’t sure what you meant.

Well it’s hard to expect irrational people to behave rationally. If someone thought Obama was an Anti-Christ or lizard alien demon, I’d assume this address would be disconcerting. Maybe they think he purchased it to fight Satan and rid NYC of the Devil. :grin:


That’s why he’s Orange! Trump = Hellboy

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Trump has been a Christian ever since he needed to be one to win.

Two Corinthians!

LOL… That is quite an unfortunate address but the hoopla about the number is more about folklore and horror movies than it is reality. The thing about prophecy is that a mountain almost never means a mountain, and river almost never means a river, and the chances of large swaths of people walking around with an actual 666 on their foreheads or hands is highly unlikely. It’s the name of a man, many think it was Nero, who would be fitting as he was an evil son of a bitch. But it was written in greek, we’re not going to figure out the name in English.