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Satan On Ebay


Don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but I figgered I'd post this:


This is without a doubt the funniest ebay auction ever. Make sure you watch the videos, too. Makes a southern boy proud.


John Goodman must be hard up for money!:]


so weird. any why is it on ebay and actually an auction? because some poor fool bible thumper is going to buy them and then burn them.


that's the funniest thing i'll witness all day.


This is the dumbest thing I'll witness all day. This biker guy probably doesn't even know how to use the computer he put this auction on.


How in God's name did someone pay $137 for that thing??? And we wonder why our educational system is not on par with other 1st world nations.


Someone paid a hell of a lot more for that stupid grilled cheese with the virgin mary on it.


Where is my old wood burning kit?


I need to design possessed foods and start selling them.


You jest don unnerstant the suthernd style of ar sentsa humor. An thats alright, y'all bein from Injana an all.

Anyway, I thought it was cool that he's taking the money he makes from the couple of folks who buy his videos to donate to the tsunami relief.


He rocks, and may be a big actor one day!


I remember seeing an auction for an autographed bible. It looked all haggered and old, and on the inside it read.

"Dear Nick, keep on truckin' love Jesus"

I don't remember how much it sold for, but it was legit, some dumb ass ended up buying it.


Found the photo...


from the auction:
"#3 Being that there is no acceptable standard or governing body that quantifies evil, aside from membership in the bar, ..."

That is soooo friggin' funny!


Always gotta be takin' the cheap shot at the lawyers, eh? lol


Hell yeah! Got a querstion fer ya Kuz... Haven ya ever used the CHEEBAKA defense? It werks fer that feller Jonnie Cockrun. :slight_smile:


With what the lawyers in this country cost us average folks in increased insurance costs and costs of doing business, I'd hardly call that "cheap"...it cost us plenty to tell those jokes.

Just messin' with ya