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Sastainton 250


Here's the deal i'm 6' "1 130 to 135 lbs. The plan is to bulk up and get to a healthy weight. Well a friend suggested I try sustanon 250 and I have been taking 1cc (not sure of dosage)every forth day leaving me on my six shot today.YES I should have done more research but took the word of a friend who is doing it.

Well I started reading about it because another friend said there are post cycle treatments I needed to do, and I am reading there is more to it than just that. I have been on a better diet meaning I have to eat every three hours now because I am starving by then, also drinking plenty of water.

My question for you guys do I need to be cycling anything else with the 250 shots and if so what? I am new to all this so I am trying to do this as healthy as possible without ruining myself.I'm currently freaking out bc i'm completely new and all the reading i have done has me a bit confused.

Am I screwed having done this this way? My goals are to get up to 160 lbs of healthy weight, with no desire of getting bulky. Thanks for reading and any advice you guys are willing to give.


How old are you?

I have ran sustanon three times and only once did I do it properly. I have learned alot from some of the vets hereand other places. You definitely need an AI, now, something like a-dex , .5mg every other day is a normal dose. Also, you need a proper PCT(post cycle), as you mentioned, Nolva and Clomid(both) is a common PCT for this cycle and doses are every day as follows:Nolva 40/40/20/20 ...Clomid 50/50/25/25....that is mgs per day for four weeks. So week one 40mg Nolva and 50mg Clomid per day.

On another note, you are on week 4 now if I am following your plan. How long do you plan to go(how long will your gear last in weeks, hopefully 10-12.

And if you wanna be 6'1" 160 you can't be bulky, by any means. Maybe lean and trim but nowhere near bulky at that height.

If you just wanna gain weight you need to be eating alot! Watch your BP as you gain though because you wanna gain 25-30 lbs on a frame and system that isnt used to that much weight. Thats almost a 25%bodyweight gain. Pretty substantial.

Some guys here may tell you to just eat alot and workout to make the gain you want. Gear is meant to help gain muscle mass and size, not just have a healthy body weight.

But you need to get the PCT and AI ASAP!!!!!!!


No, he needs to learn how to eat an lift.

Get to 160 and not be bulky...get the fuck outta here


I agree 100%, I guess sice he started and is in week 4 already I was trying to salvage it so he doesnt wreck his system.

If he was in week 2 I would say stop now but at week 4???? is that too late to quit? he doesnt have PCT on hand either.


You could have more than easily gained a ton of healthy weight without steroids. That's just lazy.