the side effects of test have been written about in depth on this site as well as others. however i have one question, how come no one told me that i would have 2 inch long hair growing on my god damn ears???

because it doesnt happen to most of us. maybe its a side effect of the dry humping

Nothing to do with ‘roids, my friend. Face it, you’re just gettin’ old…

you guys are full of shit!

in the last two weeks my ear hair is growing like a sumbitch. not to mention my goatee that would never connect to my mustache is finally starting to connect after 27 years.

oh, and ive had a rock hard boner for the last week!

i spanked it three times a couple of days ago.

That’s some funny ass shit!

And you are suppose to be a teacher…! and the last girl you banged was 18? so P-dog, what exactly do you teach at school? (if you catch my drift) :slight_smile: P-22

By the way, Hair can always be removed… just be happy it is not leaving your crown to set up shop in you ear!

Excess body hair growth is a side. Cripe, there’s a guy at my gym that I would swear is wearing a monkey suit, you can barely see his skin!

This is why I run lower dosages.

BTW, if you braid it, it looks better.

P-22, actually the last girl i banged was 27. and i teach sex ed.

hey body hair is one thing. i mean i can deal with some hair on my back. but when i looked in the mirror the other day and saw a fucking chia pet growing on my ears i almost lost it. i broke out the beard trimmer and took that shit off.

maybe all the hair care products that i use are dripping onto my ears and making the ear hair grow?

P-DOG, tell me about your nose hairs.

oh im glad you mentioned that! i have always had some pretty thick nose hairs. but yes they are growing at an alarming rate! i used to trim them once per week. now were talking every 3-4 days. i just stick the beard trimmers up there at the proper angle.

OK, I’ll get serious for a minute. I’ve used topical Finaplix many times in the past (which I fel works better than the IM conversion stuff)…OK start flaming me…but seriously, the topical spray would have me growing hair in very unusual places. Like the under sides of my forearms and the the inside of my bicep area. Plus, my beard would grow like crazy and I would have to shave twice a day. When I would stop using it, the hair growth thing would slow down and stop. I never once experienced this with the IM route. Plus, the spray on technique would give me a deep, deep voice for about an hour after application.

Bottom line for you is to stop rubbing your roids into your ears to get around this problem (vbg). TenMan