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Sasquatch Method


Sup, everybody. I'm starting a new long and might keep it going for a while.

Seated OH Press (barbell) - 135x19
Seated OH Press (dumbbell) - worked up to 80x5
Upright Row (barbell) - 4x10-20
Rear Delt Row - 4x10-20

Seated OH Press (barbell) - worked up to 155x17
Seated OH Press (dumbbell) - worked up to 80x10
Upright Row (dumbbell) - 4x10-20
Rear Delt Row - 4x10-20

Seated OH Press (barbell) - worked up to 175x13*
Seated OH Press (dumbbell) - worked up to 90x2x5**
Seated OH Press (barbell) - 135x12***
Rear Delt Row - 4x10-20
Barbell Curl w/ Fat Gripz - 2x10

*These weights are pretty light, so the warm up isn't much a warm up. This is up from 135x19 and 155x16
**I fucked up the first top set pretty bad. Would have had 8-10 otherwise.
***Did this lift again just because I have come to enjoy. Definitely hit failure.

Deficit Deadlift - worked up to 545x1; missed 565*
T-bar Row - worked up to 180x17
Pullups - 50 total
Seated Row - 4x10

*I haven't deadlifted in almost two months. Today's performance was actually better than my last one. I haven't trained back in a little over a month either. 565 will be a 10lb PR. I plan on getting 600+ on this lift in the near future.


That's the extent of memory concerning details from my lifting. I did train this summer, just very sporadically (only benched once lol). I'm currently working on becoming consistent again and getting past all of my prior injuries. My current goals are a 275lb strict press, a 350lb push press, a 600lb beltless squat, a 700lb beltless deadlift, and gaining while keeping bodyfat in the 10-12% range.

Squats tomorrow. Probably going to do a 3x5 followed by a 3x3.


I'm in brooooo haha get to some fucking benching though thx <3


LOL I might bench Thursday. I never really have to worry about my bench though since my triceps are one of my strongest body parts and my chest responds pretty well, so it comes back up pretty quick and never goes down much if at all especially since I'm doing plenty of overhead work.


........................................................................ ........................................................... oh hi Mark.


I hear you on the training inconsistency this summer. I'm in the same boat.
Impressive goals, I'll be lurking :slight_smile:



Yep. I got the lifting bug again though lol. Welcome aboard.


Count me in. Those are some awesome lifts.


Thanks. Glad to have you.


Got to the gym late today, so only had a little bit of time to get some lifting in.

Squat - worked up to 455x1

That's it. Not bad at all. Took shorter rest periods than I usually do and haven't squatted in over a month, so 91% of my best beltless squat isn't too shabby lol. Going for 475 next time then 495 after that then off to volume.

A few things to say about low bar (how I currently squat). I love it. It makes the walkout way easier. There's only two minor cons with it.
1) It's the wrist pressure can be a pain. May have to start using wrist wraps when the weights get heavier.
2) It's a lot harder to gauge intra-abdominal pressure although low bar seems to be much more forgiving on that front than high bar.

I've also brought my stance in (I used to squat pretty wide), and my knee is thankful. No problems since that change.


I also want to add that all of my lifts are and will be performed without a belt for the foreseeable future.


Off to a good start. Let's get that squat to mega sick level.


Hell yeah. Mega sick incoming.


Did some shoulders and bench today. Performance was shitty, so I'm not even going to post the details. Making some small adjustments. I'm confident that my strength will take off again very quickly.


Try a 1-2-3-2 on that Sasquatch.




You were the first person to ever post in one of my logs. I love you brah xoxox




Just don't grapple that fucking Sasquatch.


LOL A juvenile would rip my head off, but that's going to stop me from trying to be that strong.