Sasquatch Log - Road to recovery and becoming a monster

Greetings all

This is to track my recovery progress after my shoulder reconstruction 3 months ago, and to log my future progress.

June 08, I suffered a dislocation when tackled. In June 10, I woke up in the middle of the night with my shoulder out. At the time, I wanted to join the army as an engineer, who would not accept me unless it was repaired.

I started lifting in September 08 for rowing, squats, dead lifts, bent rows, chins, shoulder press, bench and cleans. March 10:I didn’t get serious until my high school shot put coach recommended that I give it a go. He designed my programs mainly for strength and power, which saw my throw almost double from where it started.

After my final exams, I had my shoulder reconstructed, and here we are today

Current stats
weight: 109kg
Height: 195cm

Workout 10/03/11

My shoulder isn’t in a state where I can do a decent upper body workout, so I am focusing on strengthening my rotator cuff to eliminate weak ranges of motion. My current goal is to cut fat, get fitter, strengthen my rotator cuff and to start squatting again

warm up

30mins bike, 165-175bpm

front squats
bar x10
40kg x10
60kg x10,5
65kg x5
70kg x5 50% of previous 4RM

rotator cuff x10 billion (about 5 exercises)