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SARMS While on TRT?

Currently on 200 mg of testosterone being delatestryl every two weeks.know it should be weekly but my doctor won’t budge and can’t do self injections living where I’m at.i was wondering once I can do self injections I was wondering if sarms can be safely used while on trt for a added boost in the gym.something like lgd 4033 or rad 140 and if I would not have to worry about shutdown because I’m on trt

Yes you can . I ran LGD 4033 and mk2866 . My strength went up and the pumps where really good!!! I’m also on trt . I loved it but I felt the sides for like 3 days or so . I felt really lethargic it sucked but it’ll pass…

Why does living where you are at mean you cant self inject? If you can self inject you wont need sarms. You could simply get your Test stockpiled for a 6 months or so, then up the dosage of Test. No need to even go the sarms route.

He’s at a sober house I believe

Thanks for the response. If that is true, I believe the last thing someone would want to do is fuck with their hormones which ties to their emotions. Make sobriety that much harder.

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Lol his username is kratom… (I’ve actually tried that before) to gauge its effectiveness in relation to pain relief

Been running 15 mg of rad 140 with my trt. Brand new to the gym so don’t know how much we’re newb gains and how much rad. But I did notice a strength increase when my 5x5 program started to plateau. As well my recovery times be tween sets shortened