SARMS: What's the Deal?

So im confused about SARMS.

You will get shutdown on sarms right? Then why run sarms instead if Test? If its because ppl dont like pinning, then why not running PHs then?

In my experience, most SARMs are far more mild in terms of shutdown when they’re used moderately or pulsed wisely.

Even the stronger SARMs such as LGD4033 can be ran at a fairly low, and yet effective dosage of 10mg on dosage days and still net nice gains.

Personally, I pulse and switch compounds with SARMs during bridge runs or just recreationally to reap the benefits and minimize any shutdown or suppression that one would get from possible running higher dosages everyday.

They’re great, and while not as powerful as AAS, they can still be VERY beneficial to a disciplined lifter when applied moderately.

Interesting! Do you PCT when using SARMS at those low dosages/pulsing?

I do. I’ll normally run Torem or Ralox for about 20 days or so along with a good natural Test Booster like PCT Assist, or Blue Ox from EA and the combo works VERY well.

Again, PCT is much easier due to the pulsing approach IME.

Try it! It’ll change your mind as to how you approach cycling from then on.

I’ve even rotated up to 4 SARMS among lifting days or even weeks. You can really mix it up as the more you do, the less your body has time to adapt… It keeps the effects fresh and coming.

thx for the response m8!