SARMs: Waste of Money or Totally Worth It?

The Rise of Substitute Steroids

SARMs are growing in popularity, but are they safe and effective? Here’s the answer.

It sounds like a good idea: use substances that give you a steroid-like effect without having to use actual steroids. Problem is, at safe dosages, the effects aren’t that great, and at higher dosages, the side effects are similar to what you’d get with steroid use.

The Bullet Points

  • SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulators) are becoming popular because they’re not entirely illegal. But they’re essentially doing the same things as steroids.
  • They’re somewhat of a gateway to steroids because they’re used for the same purpose, but SARMs are less effective.
  • It’s a weak product at the dosages most often recommended.
  • If you increase the dosage to get the same effects as you would with actual steroids, you may end up experiencing just as many negative side effects.
  • If you choose to use SARMs, you’ve already made the decision to seek pharmaceutical help, but you may be let down by the lack of benefits.
  • For more specific information, check out The Truth About SARMs.

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