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SARMs the Cause of Swollen Kidneys or am I Mad?

Hey all, long time causal reader first time poster. M, 6’2, 210#, 35 healthy and lifting well for 12 years, 140# to current weight with consistent diet and training. Only RX finestride.

I read up for better part of the year before starting my first Sarms stack two weeks ago. Landed on Rad 140 and LGD. 5mg of Rad and 5mg of LGD for for the first week, and doubled the dose by day seven. Noticed by day three more intense pumps and desire to lift more than I have since I was 23.

My trouble lands on day 11, I had some mid back pain upon waking up, shrugged it off to that hard lift feel, which went away after my morning gym session.

Day 12 it intensified and went away somewhat, I narrowed down to kidney pain, urine is clear and I’m drinking plenty of H20 during the day. No booze, balanced good meals. Day 13 and 14 progressively worse. As of now I have a constant dullness and pain when I move. I have re-read the sarms focused internet twice over and have come up with little to nothing relating to what I am experiencing. I generally never have issues, or get sick so I am wondering what I’ve missed in my research.

From what I’ve read, Finestride and sarms was a non issue, creatine and sarms non issues.

I am seeking your feedback on any ideas of what I’m missing or doing with the current setup that has me walking like tinman.

As you started 2 new substances at the same time you won’t know which is causing the problem.
You should drop back to 5mg/day on both substances and see if things improve. If it does, then you could try increasing the dose of one of the substances, then see if the problem comes back.

Thanks for the suggestion Beyond_Beyond, I had read nothing online relating to my symptom, my logic was to next take one or the other away. Thanks for the help.