Sarms Results/Ostarine

Hey guys,

First post and shit, I know, don’t flame me, just wanting to help the bodybuilding and fitness community out on this subject.

Stats: 20y, 1.77m, 82kg and BF: no clue

Been training for 2 years, blessed with shitty genetics anatomically wise. Scheuerrmans disease, scoliosis, anterior pelvic tilt and following knee problems, upper crossed syndrome and following shoulder problems. All in all actual training time is around 1 year, been laying still till about 3 months ago now after a 6 month total layoff due to shoulder problems. Been battleing this for a while now and it sucks quite a bit.

6 month layoff because of shoulders, 3 month layoff because of knees, 3 month layoff because of lower back and 3 months because of upper back/shoulder problems. Oh, and costochondritis, so it blows training chest and I need to be very careful and inventive, but it’s working!

Onto actual subject: decided onto ostarine once again, 2 cycles (running second now). First cycle was half a year ago when I started, quickly blew my shoulders out and that’s the start of my 6 month layoff. Ostarine helped me keep my gains though.

Now, I started ostarine again 4 weeks ago today, ended a clen cycle 1 week ago. Something like this:

Week 1: osta 15mg/ED
Week 2: osta 17.5mg/ED
Week 3: osta 20mg/ED
Week 4: osta 22.5mg/ED
Week 5: osta 20mg/ED

First day of 5th week, dialed back osta because of occuring zits and shits, fading now.

Clen went like this (went conservative this run):

Day 1: 20mcg
Day 2: 20mcg
Day 3: 40mcg
Day 4: 40mcg
Day 5: 60mcg
Day 6: 60mcg
Day 7: 80mcg
Day 8: 80mcg
Day 9: 80mcg
Day 10: 100mcg

Only 10 days because I wanted to run whole bottle twice and not be left with leftovers.

Before stats: 84.4kg
After stats: 82kg

Comparison is from today. Before picture about a month ago, deep in shit, haha!

Not done yet though.

excellent job getting lean, now time to add some muscle!

Hey! Thanks man, I’m doing my best. Forgot to add that I’m running a ketogenic diet + IF once a day eating. Started at about 2200kcal and lowest was 1800kcal. Refeed once and now cruising on 2k kcals.

I’m not done yet, got one last thing on my mind to shed that last bit of fat off. A compound often scoffed at, but I don’t care. My body, my life, at least I research for months on end before deciding on something and I stick with the plan like ductape!

I am in a pickle though, I’ve been wanting to run something new in my lean bulk coming up, at first I was considering LGD or S4, in combination with Ostarine. Like blasting the new compound and low dosing Osta, bridging when ending the blast with a slightly higher dose of osta.

But the results I got from Osta alone are incredible, the mass I have gained when cutting is unbelievable, so maybe I will give Ostarine a shot at a solo lean bulk for a while. Could be something awesome considering those lovely gains!

Anyone got any ideas or experiences, type away! Test and the sorts is just a tad away, but not for now!


Not done yet, got one compound left to try to get me to my lowest bf before starting a lean bulk!

Also, diet consists of SKD, refeed once (pics where taken depleted without a pump). Also IF once a day eating an drinking lots of green tea and or black coffee through my day (and water!)

When my lean bulk starts, I want to run a new compound like S4 of LGD to help put on strenght and mass with Osta. Although Osta treats me very well and considering the gains I made while CUTTING, I might give osta a shot at a lean bulk cycle standalone.

Lean bulk will consist of Lyle’s GBR, 4x week.

Oh and a older comparison pic (xcuse me for black and white though). Just to throw in change in muscle gains.

Bump, not sharing my results for nothing eh. Is Ostarine dead or what?