SARMS & Peptides - Anything Worth Trying?

Anyone had any great results using SARMS or Peptides??

Depends on what you’re looking for my man. Before I ran my first cycle, tried out LGD 3. Although it did alright, not much beyond natural lifting. Better endurance, less fatigue, etc.

After week 6+, the suppression really starts to show, which for me is no benefit from gear.

I know I’m a newbie here, but have experience in the SARMs realm, and IMO they’re decent, but if you’re looking to pack on some LBs, not a lot of benefit from a cycle.

Just another note, SARMs are still in experimental phase. Another reason why I got away from them is no studies on the long term effects. Could be the same or worse than fear, TBD.

I ran ostarine for 60 days well before I started trt and I loved it. No major increase in muscle mass or strength but I got shredded and the sense of well being was worth it. I enjoyed the 60 days. I would run it with my trt if I wasnt concerned about how it would effect my shbg. I’ve seen some people claiming crashed shbg after running sarms. I saw their bloodwork and it seemed legit but you never know.