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SARMs Help LGD 4033 and S4

Hey everyone I’m starting a sarms cycle real soon running LGD for 8 weeks 10mg a day.
However I have managed to get one bottle of S4 30ML
50MG per 1ML of a friend who switched to proper gear

I was thinking about running 50mg split daily for the last half of the cycle?
an input on how to utilise this bottle would be very helpful
I’m just wondering if I should use it at the start or end

It doesn’t matter because it’s SARMS.

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i’m utterly perplexed by the dosing of LGD4033… any real reason as to why you’re dosing 10 mg/day?

Because I’m bulking and want to get the most out of it. I know 10mg is high but hey… 5%er for life

why do you think that 1 mg isn’t gonna work for you?

also, S4 is some dirty stuff… anything that screws with your vision needs to be re-evaluated as to whether it’s worth taking, IMO.

Im just gonna keep going with it and adjust when need be.
And yeah I’m gonna be pretty cautious with the s4
I appreciate the concern brother but lets just see what kind of results 10mg can yield as everyone reacts differently to these things.

make sure you do a real PCT afterwards…

thanks for the info man! after a couple days of running this I’ve already felt some shutdown. Libido went way down… i wouldn’t run this without test as a base

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