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SARMS Feedback/Information

So I have been hearing more and more about SARMS. I do not know much about them but would love to learn from any of the guys who have used. I am an enhanced athlete and was considering using SARMS as a bridge or a substitute to some of the more toxic compounds. If any one has any feedback, tips, or knowledge on these i would love to hear what you’ve experienced!

I tried mk2866 osteobol in may, using aroud 30mg aday, two weeks in i felt a difference, better fullness pumps , libido sense of well-being. I am already on trt 200test a week from doc. Felt like I added a small dose of dbol. Osteobol was developed i believe to help old people fight osteoporosis muscle wasting znd was designed to be long term drug they testing it at 3mg a day. Not 50mg a day. If you use it to long and use it to much, it will suppress natural test production. MLB is just now testing for it, so they do work. Be careful with sarms though their are like six kinds, mk2866 is second strongest, dont confuse with peptides they are different. Anyway supplements company’s are making bank on them, they are currently grey market, so snatch a few different kinds while you can. One of them fucks up vision temporarily oif you do to much, no thanks.

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so Sarms are deceptive by their name because a lot of compounds get classfied as a Sarm and really aren’t

S4- real sarm, suppressive at high doses, vision issues big time
ostarine- real sarm, second gen form of s4, no vision issues and less suppression
LGD- is the mack daddy of sarms, real sarm, most gains, but the most suppression
MK677- is not a real sarm, its an oral secreatalouge, that boost gh levels and igf levels
Gw-151650- not a real sarm, its a PPAR, this will drastically increase endurance levels and great for a cut
those are kind of the basics, don’t buy from a sup company those will most likely be faked because of legality reasons, most guys go with a research chem place

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Cheers guys but a quick question. I know we can’t mention sources but the trustable sites sells only tablet form sarms. I heard tablets are mostly fake so liquid or tablets are the go to Sarms. Thanks. I am looking sites but the recommended ones only sell tablets I am confused