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SARMS - Do They Work?

Now I don’t really understand much about Sarms! So I’ve been doing plenty of research online but I’m not sure what’s real and what’s fake!? So I wanna hear about your guys experience with them. The good and the bad. What your results where, wether you had any sides? And what you used and what it did!? Now in the long run I was hoping for a sarm I can use while inbetween my steroid cycles, obviously after my pct is finished, not sure if that’s possible because what I’ve read if I was to do that I might aswell just do steroids? What does Sarms have that steroids don’t? Thanks in advanced for reply’s and info guys!

It’s a waste of time considering SARMs administration these times. Mechanisms of action aren’t known well, side effects are often weird (headaches, joint pains), anabolic properties aren’t as strong as from wide-distributed, rarely-faked, respected AAS.

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Only one has any useful clinical data. LGD has been proven to build muscle in old patients with hip fractures. That’s it. That the extent of the data we have. For everything else out there we have zero reliable data.

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There is no such thing. They are suppressive if you use in between cycles you might as well just cruise on test.


They are legal (for now) and you don’t have to inject them. That’s it everything else is a down side ie gains, side effects, research on them

Okay guys thanks for that I won’t bother, I’ll just stick to my normal cycles!


Hey i been on Ostarine for the passed 2 weeks and i gotta say its something i needed i always felt like i was missing something at the gym, to help me pass my max weights and sure enough it did i found that i had 40% increase in strebgth no side effects yet and a bit more muscle deffinition, can really notice punps in strengtg specifically in shoulders and chest!!

That’s great. What’s your pct look like? How long are you going to run the ostarine?