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SARMS - Cycle & Side Effects

I am currently on week 6 of a stacked SARMS cycle with great results (i am hardly training enough due to several issues that happened unfortunately the past month and still happen around me), running on cycle the above:

El1minate (Cycle Support)
Ghar1ne (MK-677 Gharine)
MK2866 (Ostarine)
LGD4033 (LGD)

Had bloodtest / hormone test last week (Week 5), results on the bloodtest were OK, hormones on the other side show a huge drop (i am way below the normal levels but fortunately not completely shutdowned) on Free & Open Testosterone (both).

Side Effects:

  • Hair Loss is real. No doubt.

  • Mood Swings (i get really bad tempered & Moody but that may be also due to the things that happen in my life recently. On any case you can get me upset in a heart beat)

  • Lethargy is real. 100%. Almost close to depression. It’s hard for me to hit the gym (i feel the need to sleep after work so bad that i can postpone going to get a bath almost for like 3 hours… saying “i ll go take a shower in 5 minutes” and the time just passes by listening to music), but when i get to the gym i’m ok… doing my workouts and feeling fine.

  • HUGE drop (probably can cause complete shutdown) on Testosterone levels.

The Lethargy is obviously the semi-shutdown on my natural testosterone levels… i was using a Tribulus supplement past month, now after that checkup i switch to a Testosterone Booster with stack components as Tribulus / Maca / etc…

Btw after a month on SARMS, i can totally vouch the fact that they boost you crazy on the building process (i gained 12 pounds without keeping my diet properly as i have on schedule… some days i hardly even eat 3 meals), and my body totally changed even tho i almost didn’t even try hard on the gym & diet, but regarding the strength and **** i see no difference (i got like 10 ~ 20 pounds higher… nothing crazy).

I will stay on cycle for 2 more weeks… (was planned for 8 weeks to run in total).

I currently weight 152 pounds (69 kilos). Should i go for Clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25 during PCT or …? I 'm asking regarding the dosages.

In total my PCT plan for SARMS (according to lots of discussions) is:

Sup3r PCT and Clomid (50/50/50/25/25/25)
then after i stop with Clomid i start the combination of 2 test boosters.

Any input will be appreciated.

Best regards

It’s the LGD that’s doing most of the shutdown mate!

I have run 2 , 8 week cycles of MK 2866 and had very little shutdown ,I was using 50mg daily ( twice the normal dose, by mistake :confused: ) All I did was Clomid for PCT and I was mighty fine ! These cycles gave me strength, incredible working capacity, lowered my body fat and got me up 2.5kg !

As for LGD , I started using 10mg daily and my libido was very low after just 4 days ! If you look at the studies you will see that LGD is suppressive even at 1 mg per day. I stopped this cycle but I intend to go at it again. This time I will have HCG on hand and I intend to take 250 IU every 3-4 days throughout the cycle.

If i were you I would take 500IU of HCG every 4 days to bump up your Test production till you finish your cycle. This should bring your moods back to normal, and stop the lethargy.

After that Run a Clomid PCT(stop the HCG ) , I would keep Nolva by my side and watch for any oestrogen sides, despite the low risk.