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SARMS Cycle Addition


Hey guys,

So I’ve been running a Ostarine and cardarine cycle the past 4 weeks and it’s been pretty interesting. I’ve definitely leaned out to where I want to be(11-12%). I plan on running these compands another 4 weeks. I’m thinking about running some dbol at 20mg ED for three (25 days to be exact) of the last four weeks. Anyone think I’ll see positive results doing this? If I put on another 5-10 lbs I’d love it!

I do have some pct available, and in cycle aids. Aromisin, letro and quite a bit of nolva.


Injectable Test?


I can’t, not that I’m scared of doing iit but I’m trying not to ruin my marriage


Test can be taken orally with a bioavailability of 7% (±3)(ref1). While this is less than optimal for most it is not much different than many other prescription medications taken orally. It could get rather expensive depending on your supply but if you buy raw, testosterone is almost free.



Have you seen the recent crystalline test study in conjunction with hgh


I actually have 10mg testosterone pills. About 50. Would 2 a day have zero effect?


No I haven’t heard


I don’t think that you should do the 50 Test pills you have. Thats only 500mg of test… So like a weeks worth of Test. No Bueno.

Additionally, DON’T use the Letro unless you absolutely have to. And by that, I mean unless you have early signs of gyno and you need to blast it out. Letro is terrible on the body and is a gain killer. I keep some on hand just in case I absolutely need it for a gyno scare.


Absolutely I won’t touch the letro. I have another AI for prevention. So do you think 25days of 20mg dbol will give me any boost and or gains?


if you wanna fuck yourself up go ahead and take the dbol, but dont come back here 2 weeks later with issues asking for help, we warned u bro.


What do you mean by “fuck my self up”?

Please be more specific.

I’ve had some people tell me to take the dbol at 50mg for 8 weeks! I suppose that would be a lot worse.


Ostarine is very estrogenic. If you add dbol you are gonna blow up like a ballon. Ever hear of moon face? You will have it. May need that letro after all! But seriously you will absolutely need an AI if you do this. I have ran both withoit a trst base before and still had good sex drive but most need test and thats the base for any cycle. You are gonna lose almost all of your gains. But if you keep estrogen low and eat like no tomorrow you may make some keepable gains. Just join the darkside already. I hated needles too. But u will get over it and it will be best decicion you made. You are shutting yourself down now anyways and fucking up your hpta. May as well do it right and not make same mistake i did.


Hey thanks for the response.

So you mean lose the gains from dbol? I hope you don’t mean the Ostarine!

I have the ai and serm for this but if it’s going to be a pain and I may only keep a pound or two I don’t think I’ll do it.

I wish I could pin. I can’t have my wife find out and I’m not sure I could successfully hide that. Hmmmm decisions


The pills sound like methyl-test which is not the same thing as testosterone and just as hepotoxic as the dianabol.

The only other testosterone pills I know of are attached to the undecanote ester and have never be approved in the states. You would have to specify the Ester (or base) used for me to give relavent dosing information based on the bioavailability coefficient.


I have no idea which they are. White pills lol


I have seen sublingual test base tabs before.


Yes that’s a buccal delivery system though. This difference in bioavailability would have to be taken into account if the oral dose spent any time in contact with mucous membrane.


Dbol is a harsh compound and should not be ran at all unless you got a test base and even then i would not run it personally, it will awaken sides if you are prone even, it Aromatizes at a rapid rate even with AI you can be prone to sides especially if its pharma grade DBOL. Dbol is powerful but just as fast as the gains come they will go and then you will be left with some sides.


Hey thanks for the comment.

I’m not going to run this stuff. The risk and rewards just do not jive.

Maybe one day I’ll be in the place for AAS but, I’m not in the right place now.

Have a good one


Good choice bud, remember these are compounds that do leave sides even after PCT so its not worth it if your just looking for a boost.