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SARMS Control Act?

Have you guys heard anything about this? Today at my gym my trainer came up and let me know he just ordered a bunch of sarms if I wanted any because they won’t be able to sell them anymore? I didn’t ask specifics but just curious if anyone knows anything about this. Ofcourse I’m sure they will still be available underground but still.


It would be great to finally regulate them and put them under supervision because too much fake shit is being sold

Not under the umbrella of regulation for quality control though… its under the umbrella of “lets make this a controlled substance in line with codeine, buprenorphine, numerous barbituates, Ketamine etc and criminalise users for possession…”

You’d think society would learn some semblance of a lesson from prohibition… but no, we keep making the same mistakes


Yes this doesnt sound good as well, but Im very much against selling it as supplements. Some online traders sell it to teens in my country claiming it has zero side effects. The only goos thing is 90 percent they are not real SARMs…

Punishing suppliers… sure, but many a times this just leads to law enforcement going after consumers… reminds me of the current situation regarding drugs (including AAS within this category) in QLD, they can’t catch the suppliers so they do everything in their power to bust civilians with small amounts of anything… give them harsh sentences, it doesn’t help anyone and it doesn’t even put a dent in the supply chain

Users should be exempt from harsh punishment so long as they don’t push it on anyone else or harm others

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