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SARMS Article/Cardarine

Great Q and A article on SARMS, puts it in good perspective. Was going to give MK677 a run sometime in the future but now will follow your advice and give it a miss.

Anyway, any thoughts on Cardarine/GW1516, mainly any health risks? -Some people say it can lead to cancer but that seems to be prompted by one a rat study where they were given 4500% of normal dose

First cardarine is not a SARM. It actually should have many potential health benefits including lowered blood pressure and improving kidney health, which is why I tried it. For me it worked “too well” and even at a small dose I was sluggish and lacked energy.I needed to ingest a boatload of carbs to have enough fuel. But I’ve seen many people report great benefits from it.

As for the risk. I won’t comment on that. Seems like everything can give you cancer nowadays. So there might be some truth to it, or it could be overblown or not even applicable to humans. You’ll understand if I’m not comfortable evaluating the risk of cancer promoted by a certain drug.


Ok great, thanks!

Didn’t seem to worry Jarrell ‘Big Fat Baby’ Miller! Wouldn’t have done much good against a superior, honest, hard working athlete like AJ mind you.

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Hahaa yeah, Miller such a fat idiot. Just needed to stop stuffing his face with donuts and he would have lost 20lbs overnight, no gear needed

Edit: now tested positive for EPO and GH as well in second sample!

Yeah, it was the whole ‘me and my team stand for decency and integrity and I’ll fight this with everything I’ve got’. Next day, ‘oh, I’ve messed up.’ The sad part is boxing is so corrupt the fat fuck will be back in the ring again before you can say ‘donuts’!

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