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Sarms and the Law


hy,short long story i took online a gr of mk28 and 3 of xstane in powder, i ve waited for 3 weeks but it ain t showed up so i cancelled that up but 2 months later i ve got an package so i went to see whts that all about, but there was like 10 cops and a few of them from AD; i told them that i wasn t expecting any package and that i have all the evidences on emails and etc but all in vain, becouse unless i show some papers from ebay that it is saying black on white that i took em and then cancelled it wasn t legit- my evidences,including my conversation with that dude that sold em, emails and even the refunding from him and my bank account. Now i gotta wait for 2 month even 3 for the laboratory to test the chemicals and then to see whats next. OMFG, so i am now fvcking ”own” them couse my evidences are digital. As pissed of as i am = amussed. Are they fvckin kiddin me ? Christ :)))

Any similar experiences on this or any advicing ? i m planning to leave this sh”t country and never get here back again.


forgot to mention that i was in good moods and i havben t my recall to an lawyer. Is this a good this or a bad douchy action, to speak for yourself ,open but restrict, much but vague, even thou they didn t even were listening to me ? :slight_smile:


Get yourself a lawyer. If you use that kind of language, do not cooperate or operate without a lawyer, thov art fvcked.


Thank you. Like button.