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SARMS 3D Stack Help?

Hey guys,

So I just bought SARMS 3D (LGD-4033 20mg, Ostarine25mg, MK-677 20mg) 65mg/ml x60 bottle. Trying to figure out what dosage to take and how long. I have done LGD-4033 before and loved the results. (I did 24mg a day for 4 weeks). Last time I did LGD, it was just pills, this new one is a dropper.

Anyone had any experience with this stack? Help please.

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As the owner of a peptide company here in the UK, who is about to start selling SARMS (I’m just being transparent, not trying to pimp), I do feel somewhat qualified to answer your question lol.

So firstly, mk677 is neither a SARM, nor a peptide. It is an oral GH secretagogue, showing potent and long-lasting (24 hour) Gh and IGF1 increasing effects. Common side-effects include significant hunger increases and lethargy. I would say that roughly 80% of users report one or both of these side-effects.

Since mk677 doesn’t cause a GH pulse but rather a bleed (which is not physiologically desirable from a long-term perspective), it should not be run for longer than 6-8 weeks.

I personally have no experience of ostarine, but have interviewed a few users whose common consensus is that ostarine can offer a very mild steroid-like effect on strength and muscle gain.

Ligandrol (LGD) should offer much the same effects as the ostarine. I just did a quick review of asome pubmed studies for you and it seems that although you will suppress test, SHBG and HDL, you won’t suppress LH or FSH, meaning a decent recovery post cycle.

People eulogise about the dropper versions, but honestly (as someone who will be producing SARMS and similar soon), the chief advantage is in the ease of manufacturing liquids over capsules.

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Thanks @peptide_guru!

So you would think this is a pretty good stack for gaining mass?

I’ll run it for 8 weeks

I see no reason not to give it a whirl. Perhaps you should check out cardarine also…it’s like exercise in a pill. By which I mean that it creates all the ‘downstream markers’ of cardiovascular exercise, ‘tricking’ your body into believing it’s done CV work, with the necessary physiological adaption