SARM with Test Base, PCT?

Hey guys! New to the forums but I’m trying to learn as much as I can about this side of strength sports.

I’m planning a sarm cycle: rad 140 with yk 11 with a base it 300 mg 4 andro per day.

Would a standard 4 week nolva pct suffice? Is there any opinions on clomid/nolva both or if one is better as a solo pct?

Also, would this change if real test e was used at a trt dose of 150-200 per week? Thanks in advance everyone.

4-andro isn’t the initial 4 andro… it’s 4-dhea, which is intrinsically worthless given I’d reckon only 1-2 percent is actually converted too test (on avg), many forwards and backwards conversions that’ll occur prior to actually making it to test

1-dhea has more merit for actual anabolic activity