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SARM Stack after 4 Week Cycle

Hello everyone ,
I like to get advice about my stack cycle which will be a sarms stack of 8 weeks or 12 weeks. Ostarine, cardarine and andarine. Right now I am on a steriod cycle stack if sustanon 250 ml en tri tren 150 ml.but using this cycle give me a lot of mosture in my body and I am looking like a waterbaffalo.

My question is what can I do to get of all that water out of my body. And second is I like to start a sarms stack which I mention above how should my pct looks ?

Why are you only running a four week cycle of actual steroids and then following it up with 8 or 12 weeks of something that is demonstrably not as effective?

Jesus christ where do people come up with these cycles

My guess would be Evo. Or Dylan Gemeli appears in their dreams and tells them what to do. Although for some reason I assume he’s wearing a gimp suit.

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Because I am swollen like a waterbuffalo.
My legs, my arms, my back muscles buy especially my legs are swollen and more my ankles. What can I do about this? Because I really like to go further with my cycle of sustanon 250 ml and tri tren 150 ml for 12 weeks. Right now I am on sus and tri tren for 3 weeks and I got all swillen. What can I do to get of al the mosture in my body?

So the sarms are a mith? Or scam?

Zeek1414 can you advice me on my cycle?
And how to get rid of all that swollen body I have right now. Especially my legs are swollen

This is the part where I ask what AI you’re taking and you ask “what is AI?” and I die inside just a little.

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Bro I really don’t know what to tell you.

Your cycle makes no sense.

My best advice is throw the whole cycle away and start pct in 2 weeks using nolva 40/40/20/20 and please never you steroids again.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but sarms might be a better option for you

If you are swollen that means your e2 highly evalated. I would say get a blood test and start arimidex accorind to your e2 level