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Everyone at this point agrees SARMS are suppressive and since then people have been asking a lot about running a SERM along side would somehow stop this. It does not work for AAS, but has anyone tried it with SARMs? I found one real log and the guy added clomid 50mg ed only aftet finding out he was suppressed.


that’s quite an interesting question and I have absolutely no idea.

Cycobushmaster can probably dig up some info


Why would a sarm not suppress you just as an injectable would? Even if taking a serm. I have zero experience with sarms so i am just asking not questioning.


i got into a big “thing” over at another site where i ended up being banned, because i pointed out that SARMs have no place in PCT. the studies of LGD 4033 show that it causes significant suppression in 3 weeks (at 1 mg/day). Ostarine shows very little suppression in the study they did on it in 12 weeks, but the dose was also 3 mg/day, at the high end in that study.

however, most people run 25 mg of Ostarine, so i have no idea why they think that won’t cause a more significant effect.

now, the cause of suppression is different. SARMs exert their effect on the androgen receptors, and in doing so, displace actual androgens. the body eventually recognizes that it has excess “T” floating around, so it will lower production, increase estrogen, etc…

however, due to the pathway that’s being used, i suspect suppression does not occur nearly as fast, as normal AAS use… there, we simply increase total androgen levels, and the body recognizes it right away. and, i doubt suppression is nearly significant, because i doubt SARMs can do everything that androgens can…

you could add a SERM to a SARM and hope to minimize suppression, but it would still occur, eventually.