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SARM Legality


Does anyone know the current legal status of sarms? I have ran into a company selling them as a research product, is this possible? Or more likely, just a scam?


They are not controlled substances.

Why on Earth anyone would want to use them for bb'ing over anabolic steroids, I cannot imagine, other than being concerned on legality and not caring about their having no track record in the bb'ing application. Or from believing claims of differential effect which I think have no greater basis to them than the old claims of "separation of effects" of anabolic steroids.


No guarantees that my information is correct, but AFAIK they aren't currently illegal to possess. I'm almost positive they aren't scheduled (yet), and in fact, I'm not even sure if Ostarine (S4) has undergone level III trials... and since it's not an FDA approved drug, I don't think it would even be a minor problem. In other words, it seems to occupy far less of a gray area than liquid tamox, viagra etc...

Ostarine, and perhaps the whole general SARM class (WADA usually uses very broad wording) has already been banned in sports, though.


you got it sir! I understand and appreciate the disadvantages but it would IMO be a whole lot better than the legal "prohormones" they are selling now.

EDIT: I just realized you answered my question in your first sentence, thanks Bill!


It is indeed in stage three-according to Inteleos, Thanks for the response WTM.


If you want to shoot me a PM with the specific issue / facts regarding your friend's situation I'll try to get back to you asap.


I thought the whole appeal was that they don't shut you down? Something to run during PCT?


I could likewise provide a study already done showing that Dianabol "doesn't shut you down."

I have not seen a line of reasoning presented that makes sense, nor a study actually proving the point, that these are categorically different than AAS in this regard.


Wow really, if you have it available, do you know at what dose? Just for curiosity sake.

I believe it is lack of inhibition is caused by the same mechanism that causes oxandrolone to rip fat off you, 16 wk cycles to be logical, and other "known" facts that can only be comprehended by those known as "bros". : )

In all seriousness, the limited information I have on SARMS have shown them to be inhibitory but not completely.


IIRC in someone with a fully functioning HPTA a 50mg/day dose will not cause full suppression and a 30mg/day dose causes something like a 10-20% drop in function only.
I read it very recently just on this site.

I have known for years - long enough to have mildly forgotten and been reminded - that Dbol was not as suppressive as Test. I learnt that around 2000.

What does this say?

I have gathered from your posts that it is primarily an inhibitory standpoint followed by a legal one? Due to your interest in Dbol of course.

You do normal AAS usually - why no more?


Hey Brook! The one sentence above, about anavar was just a joke. Sorry if it didn't make sense : /...

My interest in it is SOLELY for legal purposes, PM me for why I stopped with the illegal drugs (its a long story). Although, I am also slightly interested in trying it for curiosity sake.


Ahh i see - i can't PM, if i can then i can't see replies!