SARM Cycle Help?

Hey guys!!! I’m new to the forum
Been lifting for 4 years. Used to be 112 kilos. Have been able to bring it down to 80. 15% body fat.
I’m going to start a 12 week sarm cycle :-
Week 1-12
Lgd 4033 and yk 11 10mg everyday and mk2866, RAD 140 20 MG everyday
On cycle - liv 52 since yk 11 is mildly liver toxic
4 weeks Pct :-
Clomid - 50/50/25/25
Nolvadex - 40/40/20/20
Cardarine /gw501516 - 20 mg
Mk677 - 20 mg
Aromasin - 25 MG every other day since I’m prone to Gyno (pubertal reasons)
Otc test booster, zma, fish oil and now liver refresh.
What do Y’all think?
Appreciate any advice and help!!!

Yea, run oils its cheaper and recieve better gains


Where does one begin with this? How about we do this the Socratic way and then maybe that’ll clarify things for you.

Question: why are you running four SARMs at once? Isn’t that going to cost ~8x more than a simple cycle of testosterone?

Question: why is mk677 in your pct? Are you aware that the results are insignificant until much later in its use? Some studies show a minimum of six months is necessary to see real benefits.

Question: why would you take an AI after your cycle is over, when your testosterone levels will be 0, when you have no evidence that you’re getting high e2?

Question: why would you waste money on an otc test booster when you already have two SERMs, both of which actually work? What’s the goal, beyond reallocating resources from your pocket to that of the supplement company?

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I didn’t buy them all. Only lgd and Rad. My brother bought mk2866 and yk 11 for his cut but due to his studies he won’t be able to do it for a year, so he handed them over to me. Besides I am unable to get any legit test in India so thought to try em out.
I know about the Mk677. It takes 6 months to see any result. I’m just adding it to pct since growth hormone is anti catabolic it will prevent any muscle loss after coming off sarms to some extent . I added Cardarine to support the endurance, also Cardarine helps in restoring hdl /ldl ratio.
I read some guys having libido issues with serms so thought maybe test booster will help.
A friend of mine told me Exemestane helps in lowering shbg and increasing free test so I thought about adding it.
My goal is to gain muscle while maintaining the same fat percentage or even lose some.
I’m a newbie, an amateur when it comes to performance enhancement drugs. I will make whatever changes you guys suggest me. :sweat_smile:
Currently I have bought lgd and mk2866 for 12 weeks, got Rad and yk for my brother, bought clomid and nolvadex for 4 weeks, nothing else . So what else should I get?